Install the update OTA Android Developer Preview 2 M for your Nexus 5 and Nexus 6


Although Google fmostró its new Android M in the last conference I / O, the truth is that very little had moved the famous Developer Preview has served to go see all the changes that await enter the Mountain View in the OS … until very little has come a first update via OTA.

Wireless Update

Fortunately, both Apple and Google have understood that they must lose fear that upgrading the development versions of its OS wirelessly and since very recently may go up version without dangerous flasheos always threatening all information we have in the terminal.

And this Android M Developer Preview 2 is no exception, if we have already stuck the first of the Beta versions of the OS from Google because if not, then yes touch having to unburden the file with the OS and flash it on devices that time have received: the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, 9 and Nexus Nexus Player.

See How to download OTA update it in Nexus 5, Nexus 6, 9 and Nexus Nexus Player

The advantage of this OTA version of the Developer Preview 2 is that many failures that are fixed have been reported in the last month and means that we will have a much more stable and operational view that the conference I / O installation. Hence, it is interesting to go by checking the changes if you are one of the owners of Nexus compatible.

So if you have a Nexus Nexus 5 and 6, and know that you can download specific OTA compilation for each one and then proceed with installation. For the former, you need only go to the links we put you right below, look:

  • Nexus 5 – 182MB
  • Nexus 6  – 330MB

Once you have downloaded the OTA version of Android M Developer Preview 2 from our Nexus, plays put the ZIP of the update and install it on your mobile phone.

Anyway, if you are not of those who are wary of an update OTA and prefer the old method of flashing (wiping all), you can do directly with the images of factory than in Google published does some days for your Nexus 5 Nexus 6 9 and Nexus Nexus Player.

As planned, in July it has reached the second test version of Android M that although bears the “surname” Developer Preview 2, anyone who has a  Nexus 5 Nexus 6 Nexus 9 or Nexus Player can install to approach to developments that will have the final version will arrive sometime between July and October and which still have to go through a third installment of the beta.

M Android Developer Preview 2 is now available. It seems that Google has wanted to take some of the limelight from Apple yesterday launched the public beta of IOS in September , the first to try all of your users can without being developers, and in which in a first look at the new features these focus on managing permissions related to fingerprints, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also has a renovated platform SDK system images to create and test applications for this iteration of Android.


Moreover, the list of problems solved includes the final Falls applying posts 64-bit emulator, the inability to share a YouTube video and some problems with the settings of Android For Work profiles.

Featured News

The first is that it has changed the “drawer” of applications and has been returned to a more traditional version with four columns while the vertical scroll is kept. Has also been renovated design widgets screen but more remarkable is that finally you can activate the launcher that comes by default in the terminals in his new position “landscape” or what is the same, horizontal.

A new option is also added when we take a snapshot, the deleting it, can disable certain elements of the status bar icon as Wi-Fi signal or battery cover, among others. You can already show the percentage of the battery and activate a “Demo mode”.

Also if we go into the terminal settings there is a new menu called “Storage & USB” detailing us as is and how we have filled the device memory and RAM usage even in the last 24 hours.

How can you install Nexus 5, Nexus 6, 9 and Nexus Nexus Player

Who already had installed Android Developer Preview 1 M has very easy. It is a simple OTA so it should go to the path Settings> About phone> Software updates and give search if a new warning to leave and we can download it.

For those who do not have the previous version of Android M installed, things are a bit more complicated, but not excessively. The first constraint is obviously we have to have a Nexus 5, Nexus 6, 9 and Nexus Player. Not worth any other terminal so you do not intentéis of time. In addition, the process deletes all data that you have in the computer, so that previously have to make a backup. Also, it is a trial version, so the occurrence of errors is more than probable c aring if what will you do in your regular phone:

  1. Downloaded image on the computer corresponding to our terminal factory, extract what’s on the ZIP file to a folder and save it in an easy site to find on your computer (it is best to leave the folder directly in C:)
  2. Connect the Nexus we have the computer using the USB cable. We make sure that the “USB Debugging” mode is activated. For this we go to Settings> Phone Info and press several times on the “Build number”. This will trigger and see an on-screen message tells us.
  3. We installed the SDK   and open a command line in ADB. You type “adb reboot bootloader” (if you’re on MacOS X put “./adb reboot bootloader”) without the quotes.
  4. ADB seek in the folder where we saved the ZIP Android M for our Nexus and put the “flash-all” command (or “./flash-all Mac), also without the quotes to start the installation.

Ready, and it will be only a matter of waiting for it to finish the installation and restart the terminal – which will take a while so no need to worry -.



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