Install Android 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S4 thanks to the ROM Euphoria


Although Samsung is doing a good job with the updates to Android Lollipop many of its devices, it is impossible to reach everyone, and although some terminals as the Samsung Galaxy S4 have received Material Design by updating 5.0.1 through different ROM that appear the possibility to install latest system opens. Specifically, the ROM Euphoria allow us to charge our Samsung Galaxy S4 the latest system of Mountain View , we explain how.

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Euphoria ROM is an alternative to Google’s operating system that is loaded with the layer Towchwiz Samsung . Exactly, this ROM is based on Cyanogenmod , so it can afford to build in version 5.1.1 Android Lollipop . Install this ROM on Samsung Galaxy S4 will allow us to have a system update that currently Samsung could not provide for this model. Then we will see how this ROM is installed and what we need. As always, we will note that this type of maneuver should be done with caution and always under the responsibility of the owner of the Phone.

This ROM, as I mentioned, will bring Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Galaxy S4 with a specific configuration for the Phone to consume less battery power and simultaneously increase performance through better management of RAM . In addition, the team has developed Euphoria has also added their own improvements to the CyanogenMod ROM on which it is based.

How you install the ROM Euphoria in the Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Make sure you have the phone in Recovery
  2. Download the ROM and Gapps
  3. Copy both files to your phone
  4. Recovery mode restarts
  5. Clean data cache and other phone information
  6. ROM flashes and Gapps
  7. Reboot


Once restart can enjoy Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in our Samsung Galaxy S4 , enjoying the novelty of this latest version of the system of Google , especially in managing the RAM and overall system performance. In any case, the real value of this ROM for users of Samsung Galaxy S4 is able to enjoy additional apps and settings you have made the team Euphoria for the terminal Samsung not pass the time, following as valid and active as at the time of its release.

Download Euphoria ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Download Gapps



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