HTC One M9 and mounted new versions of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810


It is going to end the year and the generation to which he played boast 64-bit processor, and continue talking about it with that damned  Snapdragon 810 . But the news today is the duplexer, according to the perspective you look at it and it seems that first great news, it could not be so if you are of those who bought this smartphone when it went on sale in the month of March.

The Snapdragon 810 and its problems

Sure we all know the problems that caused Qualcomm with its Snapdragon 810 on some devices that relied on the word of the Americans who first denied of these problems existed warming. Unfortunately was not, that was and that the performance of these smarptohnes was reduced significantly.

To not be a problem, Qualcomm has run a lot with the intention of improving the chip and you walk by version 2.1, so reliable that companies are relying on it as OnePlus for OnePlus 2 … Sony or HTC. Thus, according to one of the communication officers of HTC in the US , Jeff Gordon, “many manufacturers are using the review [of the Snapdragon 810] like the HTC One M9 “. That is, those who did not purchase this device now for first free model will be heating problems.


It’s okay to correct errors but …

Needless to say that correcting the mistakes you make is always a wise decision, but in this case, having in between hundreds of thousands of users who have taken home a mobile with a chip that will not work as it should, surely It does not seem as elegant to your most loyal customers. These early adopters will buy your stuff the first day.

Thus, if you are in the position to buy a HTC One M9 now, would you accept take a drive with a Snapdragon 810 overheating and not belonging to that version 2.1? But if you went that he bought one of the first units of the HTC One M9, what do you think this change in hardware? Do you think that HTC should be rewarded in some way to your customers? Tell us.



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