A video showing the start of Android M in the OnePlus One


The OnePlus One has secured the official update to Android M . There will release both through a CyanogenMod ROM as OxygenOS . However, there is still no specific date for the release of relevant OTA update and that situation conducive to integrated developers in the Android Scene take sides. Such is the case of a person who has already managed to compile a port of the second Android Preview M that, for the moment, to boot the system, as shown in the following video .

Not a Nexus , but for now the OnePlus One has support software competitive enough to keep up with virtually the last of the Google platform. While Android 5.1.1 is the latest official version available, the search engine has fully developed the final version of Android M, the next major platform change. When that happens, manufacturers and developers will have the source code necessary to compile the official ROM based on Android M. However, Android developers involved with the community are able to make progress as the next.

First dose of Android M for OnePlus One

And it is that as you can see in one of the threads OnePlus official forums, a developer known for Nick Aaahh been able to compile the first port of Android M based developer version published by the big G for weeks . In fact, this user announced in the first instance to take charge of the development of port in late May, after the official launch of Android M. However, it has not been until now that has made the OnePlus One boot firmware developed.

A test of the first stage of development

This is shown in the video below. The truth is that its quality leaves much to be desired, but somehow stands as irrefutable proof that the port exists. Just do-not technical limitations have drivers- conducive to the port is no more a sign that is coming. As you can see, the ROM is not functional because many of the services and system apps not work He produced “FCs” -. Therefore, we must follow in the footsteps of Aaahh in these forums, but is not expected to take time to Nightly versions of CyanogenMod and other AOSP ROM based on Android M Dev Preview appear.



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