10 Problems iOS Beta 9 and Possible Solutions


Although the third beta for developers, and the first public iOS in September  and begin to have a relatively normal operation, without many of the bugs that came in the early days, not to deny that there are mistakes that are going to suffer until Apple is put to work to correct them. Luckily, some of these bugs can be solved.


Loss of data connection after leaving a Wifi

Surely you happened to come out of a place covered Wifi and to lose that signal, you stay without data. This is because iOS in September is sometimes unable to retrieve information from our operator, and we were blank, unable to send or receive nothing.

To correct this, work often go to the menu Settings> Cellular Data and turn off . We waited a few seconds and re-activate it. We should work.

Take pictures with volume button does not work

Some people reported that when trying to take pictures shooting with any of the volume buttons is impossible and you have to use the one in the app iOS camera 9. Unfortunately there is no solution beyond that Apple correct it in the next Beta publish.

Problems with wireless in Public Beta

Also, you could have problems when conectaros to wireless networks , known or unknown, so it is a tremendous problem when we got home and there is no way to have a fast connection.

The first trick that you can implement is to clear all the settings of networking, to start from scratch to save. If you do not want such an aggressive approach, you can always go to the network that will not work and forget to save it again from the list of Wifis available.

Problem with the status bar

Does the status bar of iOS 9 gets a little crazy? No problem, you simply must go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Settings . We should work but look what happens as everything goes wrong.

iOS 9 gives wrong time on mobile

If you see bad time despite having automatic updating turned on, you can try to fix it in Settings> General> Date & Time> You adjust automatically> Off . The meteis hand and wait for Apple to do its job in the next beta.


You can not install the Public Beta?

In case you do not detect the Public Beta of iOS in September from a Developer Edition , to know that this is due to a problem of profiles . It is a process that we explain a few days ago and if you follow to the letter conseguiréis the last of the Beta that the Cupertino have released.


IOS battery problems nine

Some users report that the autonomy of its terminals is coming down with the latest release of the Beta. If this happens to you, try to go to Settings> General> Usage> Using the Battery and see what is the first app that spends. Once located, uninstall and then put in the iPhone or iPad. If the problem persists, consider removing it forever.

Login steady iTunes Store

If your iPhone or iPad you are constantly asking password targets your Apple ID iTunes Store, we suggest you go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> iTunes & App Store> Off . I should not nag again.

69 Error installing iOS Beta 9

Here we can do little more than try to install the Beta from another computer or replace the cable. But usually we have to re-register the UDID in your program installation developers to come to fruition. Although if you do not mind, the Public Beta can serve.

What if none of this works?

In case things do not work and you think that is a problem limiting the daily use of iOS in September, you can always return to iOS 8.4 from iTunes , later restoring the last backup we do before getting to the Beta of Apple’s latest OS.



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