HTC One M9 and the last update of 833MB


HTC One M9 has been unlocked its latest update. Still a pretty good phone from his exit following the basic guidelines in terms of Smartphone market. This model, along with its version editing and AT & T has been offering, will receive the update to Android 5.1 Lollipop . In fact, this update will be released “Over the Air” (OTA) or in other words, you can access it automatically according to the country where we are.


The update complete will weigh 833MB , so it would be highly recommended that if you have this Smartphone, you conectéis to a Wi-Fi close so that the may be able to start, because in the opposite case would take far more than that anyone could imagine. In addition to install a version of Lollipop latest , this particular update will bringimprovements in battery in the charge of Google Wallet and protection antiladronesbetween things. Understandably, this update is so heavy after all, right?

For those without news of this update, it would be advisable have you perform regular reviews of your device to see if it appears. Patience in the end is always rewarded, do not you think?

From here we remind you how important it is to keep your devices up to date, regardless of the model they are. True, watching the changes, sometimes we wonder whether it is worthwhile or not, but then if we seek to have a Smartphone that works and meets our expectations, we must go through this process we like it or not.

Yes, once again, we must be patient, because if in the country where we are we do not receive the update, we should not be alarmed! Sooner or later , but we must be aware, everything is to maintain our Smartphone.

What do you think this latest update? Too heavy for what it offers or just what was missing from HTC?


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