Google Purchases Alooma to Enhance Data Migration


The cloud storage business and artificial intelligence continue to be what Google believes will be the future drivers of earnings for the company. On Thursday, Alphabet, the parent company of Google announced that they planned to acquire Alooma, which is a data migration company. Data migration is the process of extracting and transforming data and transferring it from one computer storage company to another. This will help Google facilitate the sales of cloud services as it will be easy for it to describe to customers how easy it will be to migrate its data from a competing system to the Google cloud platform.

Alooma is a Fit

Alphabet Inc. announced Tuesday that it planned to acquire Alooma, but the financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed to the public. Alphabet believes that the addition of Alooma is a natural fit that allows us to offer customers a streamlined, automated migration experience to Google Cloud, and give them access to our full range of database services. The company expects that the deal will help customers better take advantage of Google’s security, cloud services, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Adding Data Migration

Data migration is a pertinent consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation, and it is typically performed in such a way as to be as automated as possible. Having a full scale automated migration system will help reduce human interaction and free up resources of a historically labor-intensive task. Data migration occurs for a variety of reasons, including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance and upgrades, application migration, website consolidation, and data center relocation.

Error with Nest Security System

Not all the news that came out this week was positive for Google. The company announced on Wednesday that it had made an error in not disclosing that its Nest Secure home security system had a built-in microphone in its devices.  In early February, the company announced that Nest Secure which is their home security system would receive an update and would allow users to enable its virtual assistant on Nest Guard. The information did not disclose that it’s a microphone. While Google did not intend the microphone to be a secret, there are plenty of rumors that made the rounds as it was omitted from the technical specifications. Google said the microphone is only activated when users specifically enable it as an option. Business Insider first reported the news on Tuesday.

Google’s Nest, was acquired for $3.2 billion in 2014, sells video doorbells, security cameras, and thermostats that automatically adjust settings based on user behavior. Alphabet merged Nest, which had operated as an independent unit, into its Google hardware group last year.

Fake News

Google also announced this week its initiative on how it is fighting fake news. The company has taken various steps in fighting this issue which includes partnering with fact-checking networks to launching the $300 million Google News Initiative. At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, Google presented a white paper explaining how it tackles efforts to deliver misleading information across the likes of Search, News, and YouTube.


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