Google+ Photos is closed in favor of the new platform


Google replaces the old Photos page Google+ Photos from next month, after the close of the current web.  It’s been two months since the launch of the new service Google, Google Photos , and the company has decided once and for all close its predecessor, Google+ Photos. From August 1 Google begin to close the previous service, starting with Androidbefore removing the web support and, finally, the version of iOS. In implementingAndroid Google+ Photos and featured a message to all users, suggesting they are downloaded, if they have not already done so, the new software; and assuring that your pictures and videos will stored in the new storage cloud new service.

Of course, it will be an effort to transfer all the photos to the new service, and if the memory of your camera is overturned in Google+ Photos , but do not think anyone regrets about the loss of service. Google+ Photos was completely at the mercy of social network ofGoogle , while the new Google Photos offers a much cleaner, nice service and, in general, much better than the last.


The only downside to Google Photos: privacy

There’s only one problem with Google Photos , and your privacy. When installing the application on Android you grant permissions to be done with your pictures and store them;however, there is something not all users amused you, if you want to stop using the service and you uninstall the application, Google Photos still have access to your images and storing continues.

The only way to stop this process before uninstalling the application, access “Google Photo Backup” option turned on and off. This ensures that when you uninstall the application, it no longer has access to our files.


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