Google Maps allows us to send locations from your PC


With the new update of Google Maps we can now send locations and indications from our computer to our Smartphone.  It’s not the first time that happens to you, sure: you are at home planning a trip (either for pleasure or business) and you have to look directions from your computer in Google Maps. However, much to seek instructions on the computer, it does not serve us in the travel area, and leaving home we have to redo all the search one more time, which is quite problematic . Is not there an easier way?

Well, now. Finally Google has decided to arreglaro. So far, the suggestions Search or Google Maps we became slightly easier, but it was not the best solution. However, Googlejust bring the best solution to easily send locations to your device Android from your computer.

Thanks to a new update that brings to version 9.11.0 now can open Google Maps on your computer, look for any destination normally and once we decided the route, send it to your mobile phone.


How does it work? Once Google Maps locates our destination, the information display will include an option called ” Send to Device “just below the addresses and hours. Selecting the chosen device we send a notice to him from which we can navigate normally.

As simple as that! This is a small update but more than necessary in this case features. The comfort offered by the new version allows us to fully explore a map on your computer without having to repeat the process on the phone, so that the desired location will always be the most accurate.

If you want to enjoy this new, do not hesitate to stop by the Google Play Store to present you with the upgrade.