Dell wows it’s laptop customers with a free upgrade to Windows 11


Who doesn’t love to get a power packed performance from their laptop with a brilliant PC experience while working? And if you are one among the masses who dreams for a smooth and uninterrupted fast PC performance, then be ready to get a good news!

Do you know that Dell, in collaboration with Microsoft, is going to launch Windows 11 by the end of this year? The new windows, is enough to create a fascinating work experience both in terms of performance and graphics. Moreover, it’s absolutely free upgrade to windows 11! Just one thing you have to assure before stretching out for this upgraded version is owning a Dell laptop and validating whether the respective model is compatible with the new windows feature.

However, in case you are planning for a new Dell model, there will be an additional bliss. You can proceed with your purchase for the moment and can install the latest windows after being available in the market. Wait, there is still one more surprise for you! And this specifically for the laptop.

You can redeem a flat 50% discount on a specific Dell coupon at it’s website at the time of purchasing! Hence, it is easy to assume that presently Dell is being marked up for showcasing height of benefits, in terms of managing verticals of offers on purchase, availing free upgrade to windows 11 and vice-versa.

Dell wows it's laptop customers with a free upgrade to Windows 11

Dell Windows 11 : Latest Update

It’s pretty natural to be confused with the configuration of windows 11 and it’s future impacts due to insufficiency of information. The confusion could be multispectral. It can loiter around the performance, features, dates of availability and vice-versa. However, to help yourself out with the queries and confusions take help from the following points.

Time of Availability

Although, no specific timeline has not been announced yet, as per Microsoft, they are going to launch Windows 11 in the market by the end of this year. And it can be installed absolutely at free upgrade to windows 11. Hence, those who need a new laptop urgently with a Windows 10, can replace the old version with it after being marketed.

Usage limitation on models

The upgrade is applicable to Dell laptops with featured models namely XPS 13, Latitude etc,  desktops, All-in-ones. It can also be installed on older versions of laptops. However, the laptop has to be compatible with the new features in such cases.

Confusion on certain jargons; upgrade and update

A lot of you may be baffled between these two terms which could further impact individual understanding of tech terms. While an Update means constant improvement with features of a windows, an Upgrade indicates a complete change of a version or model. For example, windows 10 to windows 11.

Hence, the benefit of being affirmed with these two terms is to allow you to avail best benefits in the market and endowing a fantastic PC experience.

Key Benefits of Windows 11

Even though Windows 10 is of remarkable performance in terms of fast and brilliant PC experience, the new Windows 11 is one step ahead. As the major node of the present day work culture relying more on a multi-PC environment, this one would be a masterpiece creation of Microsoft. The major benefits for the users are as follows

  • Immersive display design

Redesign with fluid of better quality such as OLED, is excellent at generating an immersive display and brilliant colour contrast that projects ultra HD quality pictures with sharp edges and eventually stun the users with image quality and appearance.

  • Multi-PC environment

Windows 11 is truly a legendary creation in order to allow a super smart multi-PC environment. Not only it’s perfect for multitasking but also it’s high graphic display and camera would be a brilliant solution to online video call, official meetings in upcoming days. Moreover, it’s imbibed with advanced features that simultaneously carry out texting, voice call and chatting while working.

Exclusive system and configuration update of windows 11

Being a layperson or a techno freak explorer, if you wonder about the system configuration of this new window or just keen to ensure whether your old PC would be compatible with this new one, then must validate with following system configured information.

Windows 11 free upgrade in dell laptops

System compatibility for windows 11

Processor 1 GhZ, compatible with Dual or mode cores on 64 bit processor or SoC (System on Chip)
Storage 64 GB or larger
System firmware UEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPM Version 2.0
Graphics card Compatible with DirectX12/ WDDM 2.0 driver
Display High definition: 720p, 8 bits per colour channel

Feature specific update or compatibility

Not just the system compatibility, the new windows 11 also require a range of certain specific features in order to produce a boosted up performance. Here is the list of essential feature configurations that you must have in your PC.

  • 5G support for 5G inbuilt modem cable
  • Auto HDR to support HDR display system
  • Direct storage to enable NVMe SSD
  • Client Hyper V needs a process with SLAT capabilities
  • Direct X2 ultimate to fasten graphic card performances and support online gamings
  • Smart video conferencing with a combined support from microphone, speaker and camera
  • Two factor authentication for security. Enabled with PIN and biometric authentication
  • Wi-fi 6E, needs WLAN IHV hardware driver and AP or router that goes compatible with
  • Windows projection will come into effect after getting support from WDDM 2.0
  • Xbox needs a Xbox live account.

Unavailable features, you must count before

As the new version unfolds a range of new as well as advanced features, some features would also be removed, upon which we are quite used to these days. Hence, before installing, it’s better to be aware of the list of discarded features beforehand.

  • Cortana
  • Internet Explorer
  • Desktop wallpaper
  • Snipping tools
  • Taskbar
  • Tablet mode
  • Timeline

**The entire style and system of the START button would vigorously change in Windows 11.

Hence, this was a brief snippet of the upcoming windows 11. Get yourself acknowledged with all this information listed above. Checkout all essential criteria and validate with compatibility factors. With this you must also know, as the upgraded version is available at free of cost on the other hand, it can be accessed for a limitless time phase due to no time based confinement. So, get ready to enjoy the best PC experience you’ve ever had.


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