A blazing fast 480Hz Monitor Prototype has been spotted – 700% faster than most monitors


Monitor 480Hz

So 120Hz is amazing. 144Hz? Even better. 240Hz? Overkill. And now see a 480Hz Monitor Prototype.

There have been lots of new monitors being released in the market over the past few years, with exciting new features such as 4K Ultra HD (UHD), G-SYNC, FREESYNC, HDR, Ultrawide, 120Hz, 144Hz, and even 240Hz. And now we see a freaking 480Hz Monitor Prototype, which is 700% faster than most 60Hz monitors.

TVs with ‘480Hz’ refresh rates?

There are TVs which claim to have high refresh rates, even as high as 480Hz, like the LG 55LX9500 1080p 3D TV (discontinued) or the VIZIO XVT3D554SV 1080p 480Hz 3D LED HDTV.

But they are not actually having 480Hz refresh rates – Vizio uses SPS (Scenes Per Second) Smooth Motion technology which fakes a higher refresh rate. LG uses a similar technology, and calls their technology “Trumotion”.


Blur Busters, a site which covers any monitors having features better than traditional 60Hz monitors, claims to have received a prototype 480Hz monitor.

Blur Busters, which has this prototype, says that the difference between 240Hz and 480Hz is very much noticeable to the human eye. This is great news for fans.

They also say that even the best computer mice available, with 1000Hz Polling Rate, will be a limiting factor for 480Hz displays. ASUS ROG, Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, Zowie, etc. companies need to step their game up with release of 2000Hz Polling Rate mice.

Refresh Rate

Most would argue that 480Hz is WAY too overkill.

The reason is that even today’s fastest graphics cards, like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Xp 12GB GDDR5X, GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X, AMD VEGA Frontier Edition, etc. are not capable of running modern titles at 480FPS even with lower settings.

G-SYNC and FREESYNC technologies have lowered the need of high refresh rates as well.


Even though 480Hz is overkill for today’s standards, it is always nice to see companies pushing the limits of technology. CSGO, Dota 2 and other eSport players will probably be eager to try it since those games can get frame-rates higher than 300 easily with modern hardware. Stay tuned for more updates.


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