5 Safest Cryptocurrency Wallets in India


Cryptocurrency is not a new term in India. more and more Indians are now getting involved in crypto investments. India ranks first in the total crypto holders. As of 2021, India has more than 100 million crypto users.

Despite regulations and the government not being completely open to crypto investments, there is a growing interest in it. Investors and market experts are expecting a favorable attitude to crypto investments.

The upcoming budget session is expected to bring clarity on how Indians want to deal with crypto investments. The Finance Minister has agreed that crypto investments cannot be ignored. If you want to know how bitcoin affects the environment visit here.

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What is a Crypto Wallet?

A Crypto wallet is a device or a physical medium that helps in storing the private key for your crypto transactions. The private keys stored in these wallets are safe, secure, and easily accessible. Crypto wallets are loaded with many functionalities. These functionalities enable you to undertake simple and easy transactions. These wallets also provide easy access to your cryptos. Most bitcoins are loaded with dual-factor authentication. This feature helps in keeping your private keys always secure. There is no hacking possibility or anyone else gaining access to your private key.

Crypto Wallets in India

Below are the best-listed crypto wallets in India.



This is one of the most widely-used wallets in the crypto industry. This platform provides its users with an option to trade on more than 250+ cryptos. This API platform designed in Binance helps you to integrate it with the payment gateway. What makes Binance different from its competitors? The wallet is compatible with basic and advanced crypto exchanges. There is a 24*7 customer support team helping to answer your queries. The wallet is supported on Android, iOS, and web-based. There is no deposit fee payable at the time of joining. In case of any withdrawals, then applicable fees are dependable on the type of currency.



This wallet works on decentralized technology. The wallet is compatible with mobile phones and helps you store your cryptocurrencies. There is biometric authentication enabled with this app. This authentication helps you keep your private key safe. There is a deposit fee of $0.00% to $0.50% at the time of joining. The payment method compatible with this wallet includes bank transfer, credit, and debit transfer, and even wire payments.



If you are looking at a simple wallet to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, then WazirX is your best pick. This is one of the best wallets in India. the KYC documents uploaded are processed and verified within a few hours. This crypto wallet can handle more than a million transactions. The application is supported in Android, iOS, Windows, and MacBook. There are no deposit fees while joining. WazirX supports many payment methods including NEFT, RTGS, UPI, and even bank transfer.



Zebpay offers its users advanced features on crypto trading. This wallet allows users to create trading alerts, and purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can trade cryptos in a hassle-free environment with the highest means of security. The payments are made at fastening speed with added security. The application is supported by Android, Windows, and iOS. There are deposit fees, withdrawal charges for every transaction. The KYC document is required before using this application.



This wallet allows for easy exchange and INR loaded in your digital wallet. As a user, you can upload your KYC documents. Post verification, users can start trading cryptos using this wallet. This wallet also has an excellent referral program. You can earn rewards by referring this app to others. There is a 2% deposit fee at the time of joining. You can easily add funds to your wallet using bank transfer, UPI, and internet banking.

Create your wallet as the first step towards starting your crypto journey. As compared to a physical wallet, it is advised to use digital wallets.

These wallets provide you with an extra layer of security and easy accessibility. Also, all your personal information is secure and provides you with safety against hackers.

Use a crypto wallet that provides you with ultimate security to your private key. You need to be double sure to keep your private key and wallet passwords always safe.


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