Which is the Best Data Recovery Service Provider in India?


Without a question, the best data recovery service provider in India is Stellar. Stellar offers its clients the best data recovery services which match the international standards.

Why Stellar is the Best Data Recovery Service Provider in India?

The following factors make the Stellar the best data recovery services provider in India:

EXPERIENCE: Stellar has been recovering data since 1993. The company has maintained a successful track record of data recovery in these past 27 years. It has served many clients such as Google, Genpact, Axis Bank, and more. The company guarantees 100% data recovery, which is the best proof for its excellent services. Till date, Stellar has successfully served more than 3 million clients from all across the world. They have good track record of hard drive recovery.

TRANSPARENCY: Stellar ensures transparency during the entire process of data recovery. In the beginning of the process, the client is briefed about the extent of data loss and damage, condition of the damaged storage media, chances of data recovery, estimated cost of data recovery, and expected time of data recovery process, so that the client can make an informed decision. After data scanning, the client is informed about the recoverable data. Besides, the client is regularly updated about all the developments during the data recovery process.

SECURITY: Stellar completely understands that data is important to any data owner. Keeping this in mind, Stellar ensures 100% security and safety of the data. No technician or employee in the company is allowed to look at the data during the process of recovery. After the recovery is complete, the data is saved in a fresh hard disk drive, which is directly delivered to the customer. Also, the entire process is done under the supervision of experienced technicians to ensure zero mistakes.

RELIABILITY: Stellar keeps each and every facility up-to-the date to provide a seamless experience of data recovery to the clients. This ensures complete safety during and after the process of data recovery, making Stellar a reliable company. Also, the company doesn’t charge the customer in the case of no data recovery.

CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM LABS: Class 100 Clean Room Labs have controlled levels of airborne particles and other parameters such as humidity, temperature and pressure, which is perfect for data recovery from physically damaged storage media. A hard disk drive might lose data permanently, if opened in a normal environment. So, Stellar opens any kind of damaged storage media such as desktop or laptop hard disks, SSDs, pen drives, etc., in Class 100 Clean Room lab only.

EXPERT TECHNICIANS: Stellar has seasoned technicians to handle the data recovery jobs. They’re well versed in handling all the tasks involved in the process of recovery – from opening the affected media, replacing the parts, recovering the data to transferring data.

FREE DOORSTEP PICK UP: When needed, Stellar provides free pick up of the hard disk drive or any other storage media, from the client’s place. In this time of pandemic, this is the best option when a customer is in need of urgent data recovery. Stellar has 15 branches across India and you can approach the nearest branch for your data recovery needs.


The above mentioned factors make Stellar exceptional among all the existing data recovery services providers in India. Not only services, Stellar also offers many DIY software for data recovery which are easy-to-use and don’t require help of the experts. So, if you’ve lost your data, choose Stellar Data Recovery Services without a second thought. Stellar data recovery India offers the best data recovery solutions that take the utmost care of every aspect of the process of data recovery.

This practice adopted by Stellar helps in winning the trust of numerous customers. Providing best data recovery services is the only way of gaining trust of the customers.


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