Merging PDFs: Most Common Uses For It


PDF files are one of the most commonly used file formats today. This is because PDF files can be accessed on almost every electronic device. There is no need to download additional apps or plug-ins to read a PDF file because it can be read directly after being downloaded. With this, almost all schools and offices which have now adapted to a home setting are using PDF files for their students and employees. Another awesome thing about PDF files is unlike other formats, they take less disk space, so they’re also easier to download or share. You can also be sure that your PDF file will look the same and won’t have a different format once sent or printed. It’s just so much easier with PDF files, and they have taken over a lot of today’s paperwork needs. Therefore, many people just prefer PDF files over other file types.

Merging PDFs Most Common Uses For It

PDFBear: Our Favorite

When dealing with PDF files, it’s always good to have a good and reliable PDF tool for all your PDF file needs. Our best pick for an online software as a service (or Saas) tool is PDFBear. You don’t need to download any apps or plug-ins to use it. Log-ins or memberships aren’t required either for you to access their many features. You can do various file conversions with it from different file formats to PDF and vice versa. There are so many features on PDFBear, that you won’t anymore be looking for other tools because it’s all there! And you’ll be happy to know that their website is also easily navigable. The moment you visit the website, you can easily find what you’re looking for thanks to everything laid out nice and neatly. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to merge pdf files for free. So read on to find out more.

Reasons for merging PDF files

Archiving documents

You will find thousands of files that have been saved electronically in places such as records libraries. However, these come in separate documents and not just one large file or record. When you group these electronic files (which are in PDF format) by merging them, you’ll be giving researchers or searchers less tedious work and saving their time when looking for a specific document. When printer paper documents are converted into electronic files, merging may be performed automatically.

Projects with many contributors

When a project is done by a team, it will involve many documents from different people. These documents can be from all aspects of the project, from the very start of the project to reports and results. Depending on what the project is about, documents will be varied from different members of the team. When these documents are submitted in different file formats, they can be saved in PDF format and merged. This will be helpful in making the presentation for the project with just a single large document file where all team members can give their inputs and conclusions in one.

Estate agents

There’s going to be a lot of forms for potential tenants to fill when an estate agent has leased that particular property. These forms need to be delivered back to the landlord to proceed to a rental agreement. The files that are sent to potential tenants can be saved electronically as PDF files once they have been filled in and signed. Then they can be merged into one document to be sent to the landlord, without the need to meet up repeatedly just for signing documents.

Easy like that!

And that’s merging PDF files for you! With the help of PDFBear, you can easily merge multiple documents together. No hassle or need to spend a penny to do this process. Everything on the website is simple. But we do want to make a friendly reminder before you send a final copy of a merged PDF to anyone, make sure that they have been checked or proofread because, during the merging process, cover pages may be merged and will need to be removed. Some editing may also be needed for the headers and footers. But all these are possible with the awesome PDFBear. So try it out for yourself and you won’t anymore have to worry about your PDF file needs.


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