Buy the Best Electronic Equipment From Great Eastern at affordable rates & with great offers this Diwali


Due to the pandemic of COVID this year many difficulties were faced by people but now it’s time to celebrate. Do you know what? Great Eastern Retail is back with a great sale & the best offers this Diwali. So, if you are having the interest to purchase any kind of electronic equipment then you should read this article carefully.

Who is Great Eastern Retail?

The year was 1976. One gentleman, Shri. Punam Chandji Baid started a small electronic shop just opposite to the iconic Great Eastern Hotel at Dalhousie. His dream was to build a brand which would house quality home appliances and a diverse range of electronic products in Eastern India. The visionary was ably supported by his two sons who understood that in order to be competitive, one has to focus on two elements: quality and good customer service. Today, as Great Eastern Retail is evaluated as more than 600 crore enterprise with 59 retail outlets across different parts of India. Great Eastern Retail is Eastern India’s largest electric chain store snd it abides by two of its core principles- quality and trust

Although the brand is based on an ethos built on experience and market wisdom, the team comprises of young individuals who work dedicatedly to enhance retail hospitality, service and after sales service. The brand is the pioneer in promoting quality customer care, the first of its kind in the history of Eastern India retail management.

Apart from being the best managed retail chains, Great Eastern Retail houses the biggest range of products under different categories like home appliances, entertainment, kitchen appliances, personal gadgets, beauty and grooming kits. Whatever is your requirement, you will find a number of options from different brands at a competitive price in Great Eastern Retail. The brand strives to excel in customer service because for them customer remains the king. The team constantly innovates and works on a number of schemes which promise to provide a holistic shopping experiences across India.


Choosing the right TV can be quite challenging. There are many different technologies from the many manufacturers and brands & it can be difficult to compare all and finally select one.   There are so many different types of televisions available with Great Eastern (like tv led 65-inch, 32 inch smart TV, OLED TV, QLED TV and many others), friendly Great Eastern Retail staff will help you choose the one for you. Diwali is the best time of the year to purchase a TV because of the abundance of offers & attractive prices. To know about the availability of different types of televisions and prices (like led tvs price, 32 inch led tv and much more) you can easily go and check the Great Eastern Retail website.


Great Eastern is the leader in appliances like refrigerators displaying a wide range of Double door fridge, Single door, side by side refrigerators and many more. Drop in at a Great Eastern Retail outlet or visit their website to view the widest range of refrigerators. Here are a  few.

Haier 195L Direct Cool: This is the best single-door refrigerator price is around 15,000 but during the festive season this will be available for people at around 11,000 to 11,700. Isn’t’ it fantastic value?

LG 190L Direct Cool: As we all know LG small refrigerators are considered to be one of the best in the industry. This best refrigerator is around 18,000 but during the festive season, it will be available for Rs. 14,700. Avail big savings in the festive season.

Haier 565L Side By Side: Haier Side by Side refrigerators are very popular & value for money. Save upto Rs.5000 on a Haier side by side refrigerator this festive season. To know more about such side by side refrigerators you can visit Great Eastern Retail website.

Air Conditioner: Everyone knows that the right time to buy air conditioners is during the offseason. Yes, that is the time when the prices are very attractive. The festive season is a great time to invest in an air conditioner. This is because that is when the prices are low with huge discounts on different types of products. So, if you are wanting to have an Air Conditioner for your house, then think of making the purchase during Diwali Sale. Let’s discuss few Air Conditioner AC prices.

AC with 1.5 T 3* Inverter: This is one of the most popular AC’s. Avail discounts of upto Rs.5000 on 1.5 T 3* AC’s during this festival season.

AC 1 Ton 5* Inverter: This is another one of the most popular AC’s. Avail discounts of upto Rs.5000 on 1 Ton 5* AC’s during this festival season.. To know more about the different types of split AC price go and visit the Great Eastern site.

Smart Phones: In recent times today, phones are one of the most essential needs of everyone, so if you are thinking to purchase the best mobile then the festive season is the right time to do it. Visit a Great Eastern Retail outlet or the website to browse the latest smartphones at the best prices.

Washing Machines: Washing machines are also in great demand during the festive season. All the latest models are available at Great Eastern Retail with great offers and the best prices. Let’s discuss the prices of a few.

LG 7kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: One of the best semi-automatic washing machines with a high load capacity is available at a great price this festive season

LG Top Load 6.5 kg Washing Machine: The best washing machine that can be purchased this festive season in the top loading fully automatic segment. It is from LG and will be available at around 20,290 during this festive season. Visit Great Eastern for all your washing machine needs this festive season.


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