Swacchagraha : Narendra Modi’s new initiative!


    The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present during the inauguration of INDOSAN (India Sanitation Conference) in New Delhi yesterday.

    He emphasized on the “re-use and recycling of waste’ that should be driven  by technology and also urged the citizens to focus their shift from “waste to wealth” that only make them financially stable but will also develop great revenue models around cleanliness.

    “Re-use and recycling has always been our habit for a very long time but this time it has to be made technology driven as to create wealth from what we considered as waste!” added PM.

    He also added “Garbage can serve as a means of employment on a large scale and can also contribute to wealth by recycling and then the cleanliness will be its by product.”

    No one likes dirt or dirty surrounding around them , so this habit of cleanliness takes some time to develop as a whole , and for it to happen lets join our hands to start a “Swachhagraha” – an initiative for cleanliness and to get country free from dirt on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi’s “Satyagraha” which freed us from the Colonial British Empire” said Modi.

    He also stated that children are becoming more conscious of hygiene and cleanliness related issue , which is a very good sign as India’s major population falls under the category of children and youth.

    I have seen a healthy competition among citizens for promoting cleanliness , infact it is over whelming to see that initiative is taken a form rather than just staying on paper. It cannot be achieved just by budget allocation , it shall show its results only when it becomes a mass movement!”