Surprise inspection reveals that 75% colleges do not follow JNTU-H Rules !


    In one of the most shocking discoveries of recent times, it was found that close to 75 percent of the colleges inspected by the Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, Hyderabad do not follow the prescribed guidelines and have openly disregarded the rules laid down by the university. These colleges have received notices, asking them to explain their stance and their lack of disrespect for the university norms.

    These surprise visits initiated by the university about two weeks ago, highlight the lack of discipline and enthusiasm by the college authorities when it comes to conducting classes. The registrar of the Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, Hyderabad, N Yadaiah was quoted saying,”We first learnt about this through students and other sources. While we had been planning to pay surprise visits to confirm these allegations for a long time, we finally did so now. To our surprise, the allegation has proved to be true. We have concrete evidence to prove that colleges are flouting norms.” There are on going talks between the university authorities and the managing boards of the various colleges and after a detailed discussion, the university will come to a conclusion as to whether or not to continue their affiliation with these colleges.

    However, these surprise visits by the university haven’t gone down well with the college authorities, who believe that this is an unwarranted intrusion into their privacy and their freedom. Some of the college managements even went up to the extent of calling the whole incident a gimmick played by the university in order to deny affiliation to colleges.  “In June 2014, we had 370 engineering and 126 pharmacy colleges. Now there are hardly 212 engineering and 86 pharmacy colleges. I am sure these numbers will be further reduced.” said K Ramadass, convener of the Telangana private colleges association.

    Whether or not these inspection results materialize in to something serious, affiliated colleges flouting the university norms is certainly a grave cause of concern albeit in a symbolic manner and should be addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent such unsavory incidents from occurring in the future.