Tips for Online Cricket Betting in India


Cricket is a game in which two teams always compete against each other. Athletes have to prove their skills in hitting, catching, and running. In a game, only the team that has the right to hit the ball can score points. Points are scored when a batsman reaches the line on the opposite side of the field.

On the page you can find current information about the best bookmakers and bonuses for cricket betting in India/

tips for online cricket betting

The Main Cricket Betting Events

If major national or international decisions are pending, you can enjoy extremely exciting and lucrative cricket bets with above-average odds. Make sure you choose a cricket betting site with whom you can place cricket bets on the following most popular events and tournaments.


ICC Cricket World Cup One of the most popular and also interesting events for bettors is without question the international ICC Cricket World Cup. The official one-day international cricket world championship is called the ICC Cricket World Cup and is also the most important cricket trophy. The tournament is held every 4 years in the country of the respective world champion. The record-holder is the Australian cricket team, which has already won the trophy 5 times.
 ICC Champions Trophy The ICC Champions Trophy is a mini world championship and has been held every two years since 1998. The best 10 or 8 teams in the world cricket rankings take part in the trophy. Just like the ICC Cricket World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy is played in the common international one-day format.
IPL Indian Premier League The top division for cricket club teams in India is called the Indian Premier League. The games are played in the popular T20 format and the best cricketers in the world play in the Indian league. Cricket bets on the games of the Indian Premier League can be compared to football bets on the games of the English Premier League.
ICC T20 World Cup Since 2007 there has also been a world championship in the popular Twenty20 variant. The first tournaments were held with 10 or 8 teams. Since 2020 there have been 6 more qualifiers. So far, no cricket team has been able to successfully defend the world championship title in the Twenty20 variant. This fact makes the final rounds for sports betting on cricket all the more interesting, as it means – so far, the favorite has never won a long-term bet on the entire tournament. Surprise victories are almost normal.


Popular Cricket Betting Types

popular cricket betting types

Many betting providers offer the opportunity to bet on international cricket games. Not only is the game played in India, but it is also extremely popular in England, Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. As a result, the selection of bets is very large and you can be used almost at any time.

Many of the betting options for cricket depend on the particular event. Nevertheless, there are some basic betting offers:

  • Winners/losers. As with any other sport, you can bet on the winner and the loser in cricket. Even if the individual games are sometimes played for several days, the game will always be played until a winner has been determined.
  • Series scorer. In cricket, betting businesses can create a series that can be won by a variety of teams. Another type of outright bet that is popular in cricket premier leagues is the straight bet.
  • Match scorer. This type of bet is based on the number of runs that will be achieved in a game.
  • Top bowler. The job of the bowler or thrower is to throw the ball so skillfully that the bat cannot make a stroke. If the team fails to hit three times, it has failed and must sit down on the bench again. A top bowler bet is placed on the bowler who was most successful in a game.
  • Bowler Series-Wickets. With this type of bet, you can bet on the number of successful throws that a racket will achieve in a certain series.
  • Odd run scores. As with roulette, this type of bet can be used to bet on the odd or even successful runs of the player.

3 cricket betting Tips for beginners

cricket betting tips for beginner

Do you want to place cricket bets on the internet? You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to learn the most vital tips and tactics right away. Observing the game and its rules is the greatest method to learn it. As a result, we concentrate on specialized cricket methods. In simply, we want the quality of your sports forecasts to increase.

Live betting

In the original, a cricket match can last five days. Of course, this period is not suitable to permanently cast a spell on viewers on TV. Therefore, a variant was developed that still extends over three hours. This means that we still have twice as much time for our cricket bets as we do with football. And this is one reason why live betting is suitable.

We rarely have so much peace during live betting. Often it comes down to moments. But the dynamic elements of the sport are limited to the phases when the bowler and batsman meet. In between, there is always a short break. Another argument in favor of live online cricket betting is availability. Just have a look at the big bookmakers. You will find an offer in live betting.

Find out about the weather

Why should the weather have such an impact on the game? Cricket can hardly be played in the rain. This should influence your decision in pre-match betting and live to bet.

If we look up the rules of the game of cricket, we will inevitably be confronted with the “Duckworth Lewis Method”. This is a rule for how the game is to be decided when it rains. Of course, this only applies if the downpour that occurs makes it impossible to continue the game.

Regarding our predictions for cricket, we would like to refer to other external influences. The nature of the playing field is also an argument. And basically, the team playing at home usually has a small home advantage on their side. This has been proven statistically.

Use the online odds comparison

Of course, this is not a specific strategy for cricket betting. Still, it’s an important tip for anyone serious about sports betting. Because for cricket worldwide, you should compare the odds. Why? This can be explained very quickly using an example. Let’s assume you have decided on a bet and get odds of 2.00. However, another bookmaker would offer you a 2.20 for the same bet.

Doesn’t the difference sound particularly big to you? We are talking about 20 percent on the profit. On the stock exchanges, investors would be happy about such a return. If we take ten such winning bets a month, each with a stake of 4.000 INR, we will receive 100,000 INR instead of 80,000 INR as a payout. Just by comparing betting odds, we have 16,000 INR more in our account in this case. In addition to the prognosis for the match, the odds comparison should always take place.

Best cricket bookmaker offers

In the last tip, we mentioned a comparison of the odds in addition to the analysis. In this regard, we’d like to introduce you to the top betting sites for cricket betting that you should keep an eye on.

bet 365


If cricket bets are currently available, you will most likely find them at Bet365. And here we are not only talking about the pre-match tips, but also the live bets. On the one hand, the bookmaker is well-positioned for almost all sports. Then again, compared to other betting providers, we have already seen an above-average selection in cricket. Ultimately, it should be mentioned that it is not only the amount of betting remarkable options.

The level of the quotas must also be mentioned in praise at this point. If we now toss the bonus promotions of the bookies and the betting configurator into the ring, then our Bet365 experiences should be mentioned concerning cricket sports betting.



Do you want to place your sports bets on cricket at Bwin? No problem! First of all, we would like to mention that the average odds here are not as high as it is with Bet365. However, we do not want to hide our Bwin experiences from you. But if anyone can beat the Indians in terms of choice, it’s Bwin.

You can find cricket bets all over the world here. And if there is no play within India, then the athletes may be active in the counties of Europe, Sri Lanka, or South Africa. We have already seen corresponding options there. Or would you like to bet on the Bwin results in women’s cricket? Yes, even that is possible here. With an impeccable app for iOS and Android, Bwin can win our hearts.



We enjoy the overview at Betway. We may sort not only by country but also by contests directly. The winner of the coin toss, the first ball of the game, the maximum amount of points after 15 overs, the type of first referral, as well as countless more over/under bets and other tips are all available as single bets. There isn’t a lack of variety. Nonetheless, we’d want to offer our Betway experience uniquely. Because one of the greatest bonuses in the industry may be found here. You can bring up to 12,000 INR extra with you, which will help you secure your first cricket betting tips.


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