Success Mantra for achieving Volleyball Betting High Rollers


Volleyball is a team sport in which six members from each team will try to score points against each other by grounding the ball in the opposite team’s court according to the rules.

Volleyball is also a popular game with over 800 million followers worldwide.  Initially, in US schools, it became an alternative to basketball as it was less intense, non-contact, and less violent.

But, with global recognition, over 200 million players are registered to play the volleyball game professionally. 

Volleyball is treated as a national sport in Brazil along with football and major sports in Italy, Russia, Cuba, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Netherlands, etc.

Although the game is popular, a volleyball bet is treated as a second-tier game in the betting world market, which can be a blessing in disguise for betting enthusiasts to win big. Here are some insights on how to attain successful Volleyball Betting High Rollers. 

Success Mantra for achieving Volleyball Betting High Rollers

Top Volleyball Betting Websites

Although volleyball is prevalent in the betting market, not all bookmakers offer a wide range of betting offers and bet exchange events.

Hence, we need to find reliable, safe, legal, and trustworthy websites suitable for volleyball bet. As per research, the below 5 websites are termed as excellent for volleyball betting.

  1. Marsbet 
  2. Betonline.Ag 
  3. Everygame
  4. SportsCasino
  5. Bovada 

Famous Volleyball Events

The two types of volleyball events played regularly are indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

They share a lot of similarities in terms of game rules, such as scoring points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court or the opposite teams making a fault.

Also, in both variants, teams can touch the ball a maximum of three times before they tap it to the other side of the net.

However, the difference lies in the surface and the number of players in each team. In beach volleyball, there are only two players per team, and there is a smaller sand court than that used in indoor volleyball. Some of the most popular events for volleyball bet are,

Summer Olympics

Indoor Volleyball: It is the pinnacle of volleyball where all the players from the world play to win the gold medal and make history. Olympics volleyball is an extremely popular event among betting enthusiasts. There are only 12 teams allowed globally to participate and the host nation.

Beach Volleyball: It was first introduced in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Brazil and the USA have conquered this event, winning 9 gold medals among them. The betting offers are very high during this event.

FIVB World Championships

Indoor Volleyball: It is a prestigious international volleyball tournament organized by the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation). It takes place every 4 years with 24 international teams participating. Betting sites get very busy during this event, offering betting enthusiasts many chances to win big.

Beach Volleyball: World Championships started in 1997 by FIVB in Los Angeles and thereafter occurred every two years.

FIVB World Cup

It is a qualification tournament for the Olympics and this takes place every 4 years post-1977. The format allows 12 teams to compete, including the hosts. Betting enthusiasts can get busy with many events offered by websites during this event.

FIVB Nations League

It is an annual Volleyball competition and the highest revenue-generating event for FIVB. The Nations League replaced the World League, which was held internationally between 1990 and 2017.

Different Volleyball Betting Selections

Some of the main volleyball bet types offered during events like Summer Olympics by popular betting websites are,

Match Bets: It is a straightforward game of betting exchange where you have to predict the winner of a volleyball match and place your bet on that team. Like other sporting bets, there are lower pay-outs for predicting a stronger team to win.

Future Bets: Through this betting, you will be betting on the outcome of a certain competition, unlike other betting events where you will predict the winner of a live match. Before the tournament begins, the websites will list the number of teams participating in future competitions, and you have to predict the eventual winner of the competition.

Over or Under Bets: Here, you will be predicting the points scored by both competing teams. The website will pick the total points scored by the teams, say 101.5. As a betting player, if you choose Over Bet, the teams’ total points must be 102 for you to win.
Volleyball Betting Tips

Some of the tips that will help you while placing a volleyball bet are,

International matches are more valuable: Unlike football, international volleyball matches are more prestigious than league competitions. The players play with high intensity in the world championships, which will create an excellent opportunity for betting enthusiasts to place bets with complete confidence.

Hall Conditions matter: Although Hall conditions don’t look relevant in volleyball, they do make a difference in the psychology of players who are used to playing under particular hall sizes and lights. While placing your bet, do thorough research on the hall conditions and the team’s history there so that you are in a better place to make an informed decision on the winner.

Do your homework: Look at the previous performances of the team and the players and make assessments based on the roster and the final team playing on the field.

Fatigue is an important factor, and you have to place your bets according to the team’s schedule and the number of matches played in the recent past.

Be on the lookout for little nuances in the volleyball world and make judgments based on that.

Finally, a Volleyball bet can be very rewarding if you gather all the required information about the matches to be played and follow the volleyball news.

Also, look for websites that have a dedicated section for volleyball and offer a variety of betting options so that you can use the betting tips discussed here and increase your chances of winning big.

Using the Pareto principle of 80-20, you can maximize your chances of winning a betting contest.


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