Something About Indian Premier League 2018


For all you eccentric cricket lovers, the most awaited tournament is here, the Indian Premier League 2018! The tournament enchants its fan throughout the summers, with its unique mix of players, that every individual who starts watching it get glued to their TV screens till the very end. It’s almost magical to see how the organizers have managed to upheld peoples interest since 2018, ten years have passed, and it has the most devoted and loyal fans throughout the world. The crowd at the stadium is unbelievable every year, and even more incredible is that players earn a massive amount of money, more than they imagined, and the fresh blood of cricket has a huge platform to feed on their passions. Needless to say, the freshness is still alive even completing 11 seasons.

For this year, this tournament will stretch from 7th April to 27th May, and will be played across ten venues with Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals being back in the game. Sorelax and enjoy this entertaining cricket mania.

To keep people mesmerized, what is this year’s Indian Premier League 2018 bringing to the table?

Indian League with Indian Players

It’s very refreshing to see that majority of Indian players are getting a chance at the pitch, more so, they are also being seen leading their teams to success as captains. This is what an Indian Premier League 2018 should be about in the first place, giving opportunity to nourish their inexperienced fresh players.

Return of MS Dhoni

After two long years, we finally get to see our most beloved captain back to grace our screens. The Chennai Super Kings had their first win of the tournament, so it seems that for now, all is going extremely well in their favor.The most crucial thing for Indian Premier League 2018 to achieve immense success is to have star players on the screen, which people having been following with passion for a really long time, so this year after MS Dhoni’s return, there is tremendous anticipation in the air.

Never been done before strategy re-thinking

There is always a first time to do every great thing, right? So this time 2018Indian Premier League has decided to bring their game up a notch by giving their teams an opportunity to re-think their strategies while they are in the midst of their campaign. So what’s so great about this new initiative? The Governing Council has implemented a five-day transfer window in the middle of the tournament, so player which have immense potential but are not given enough chance, can be chosen by other opposing teams. So a team can help the players who were just sitting idle on the bench.

So I’m sure you would also be waiting to be enthralled by this season of matches, so turn your TV screens on and don’t miss a single captivating action on and off the field of 2018 Indian Premier League.


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