The Sixes Game To Change The Game of Cricket Match


From the first cricket match ever played in 1844 to the current day, the spirit of the sport has gone through quite many transformations. From its significance in the history of the world to the current rate of thrilling entertainment it presents to the world, the journey has been long, and it is still on.

Taking singles were once the most valuable and consistent way of scoring runs. Now it has changed, with the ball being put into the 3rd tier of stadiums and even out of it. That’s how rapidly things have taken a turn. How have our players mastered this? Have they cast a spell on their bats? To put an end to this mystery, Betway has made the effort to compile opinions of various players who are masterminds into a video.

Kevin & Company Reveal the Secrets of the Trade!

In this video, we can know the truth from the players who have done it themselves. The video is started off by Kevin Pietersen. Through his years of experience in the field, he has understood that nothing defines a player more than his level of confidence and trust he holds in his skills. It is most definite that every player who has stepped onto the field has the same view of it.

Classic case of David Vs Goliath

There is always a general notion that bigger guys can hit longer sixes since they are more physically able. But, in this case, our seasoned players have a different view on it. They claim that even though there are massive players like Chris Gayle, there are other players who also have a constant streak of hitting the balls right out of the park. One such example is Hardik Pandya who plays for the Indian national side.

Kevin and David give a reason that these players do not depend on just muscle power to gain results. The main decider here is the fact that they time their batting. The player uses his extreme sense of reflex to hit the ball at the right time that it spreads its wings and says bye to the fielder.

Another important discovery was presented to us by South African super-star Dwaine Pretorius. In his part of the video, he states that an effective batsman picks his balls to hit sixes rather than going after every single delivery. He specifies that it must be of a certain length and once the batsmen understand this, it’s game over.

David brings up how the size of the bat is a critical decider to the result of a batman’s career. Kevin makes the right comment to support the fact that while he started, he used to use thin bats. But, towards the end of his career, he had much thicker ones for his support. This gave him a mental edge that he could take on any bowler.

These valuable words found on the Betway Insider expressed by the players have brought us closer to a lot of facts as to why our new generation players can hit these many sixes.

The game of cricket has gone through an incredible transformation through time. The initial two modes were the one day international with 50 overs of six balls each and the infinite series known as the test series. In fact online users earns lots of money by playing online betting in cricket. There are many best apps for ipl betting to earn real money at anyplace.

With the introduction of the first T20 cricket match in 2003, it started a new era in the history of the sport. The game became fast paced and even more thrilling. With only 20 overs of 6 balls each, players saw every delivery as an opportunity. From then, the value of sixes increased. More the sixes hit in a cricket match directly decided the winner of the match.

This progression of the game created players who could deliver more in less amount of time. Players like Kevin and David Miller are the perfect specimens for this example.

The number of people flocking to see such a cricket match also increased with the rising popularity of the game. Every match created a new star player. Next time you’re around a stadium watching a match, look out for massive shots because there is no way their numbers are going to go down.


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