Cricket Betting Apps for Android in India


Bettors like to use a sports betting app only if it offers a comprehensive good mobile app as they are used to the original desktop version of the provider. This means that all the features available in the desktop version should also be available through the mobile cricket betting apps for android in india.

First of all, the mobile app must be clearly designed and run smoothly. All menu items have to be found quickly, and too long a load only spoils the desire to bet. Reputable online casinos also offer apps.

best betting apps in india

Important features include the ability to register, using all deposit and withdrawal methods, contacting customer support, using bonus offers and having a live betting section. Since nowadays many people do almost everything via smartphone or tablet, the first thing to do is to register via the mobile version of the bookmaker’s office.

For payment options, it’s good to have as many different methods as possible so that every customer can find something suitable. The most important payment methods include credit cards, classic bank transfers, prepaid cards, various e-wallets such as PayPal and instant transfer. Depending on the provider and country, there may be other payment methods.

Support should also be available through the cricket betting apps in several ways. The standard is to contact us via email or contact form. In addition, there should be a live chat or hotline option so that advisors can also clarify urgent requests as quickly as possible.

However, this should not always be the case. And the bonus offers available in the desktop version can at best also be used through the sports betting app. The welcome bonus is especially popular. In addition, it is advantageous if the live betting area is mobile. This area is especially popular with tipsters. 

For the security of all data, it is also important that standard SSL encryption is also used in the desktop version of the bookmaker’s office for the bookmaker’s app. This means that unauthorized people cannot access the sensitive data exchanged between the platforms.

In general, we can still say that the mobile versions of betting shops can be divided into different options Download and No Download. Either a native application for Android or iOS is downloaded and installed, or a so-called web application is used. In the latter version, downloading is not required, as the bookmaker’s office is simply called through the browser of the mobile device.

cricket betting apps

Cricket Betting Apps and Bonuses

Online bookmakers always have certain bonus offers to choose from. These include deposit bonuses in particular, as well as other promotions that may vary from provider to provider. Appropriate bonus conditions must always be followed and must be met first in order for the tipster to be able to make payments later.

The bonus terms specify how often the bonus amount or the bonus amount plus the deposit amount must first be converted into mobile sports bets with a certain minimum quota. In addition, it is also specified which bets relate to the bonus and how much time the client has for its realization.

In mobile versions of bookmakers, bonus offers must also be present for a satisfactory offer. Perhaps there are special bonus offers for mobile use. Although these are rare, it is still worth keeping a close eye on such offers.

However, other bonus offers available on desktop versions of providers can also be used on the go. In particular, welcome bonuses are often advertised, so they can certainly be activated with a smartphone or tablet.

Which betting companies offer cricket betting apps?

When it comes to which betting companies offer a mobile version of their cricket betting apps for android in india, the answer is unequivocal: “All”. Thus, customers will find a web app from every online betting provider.

Since every other online betting is done with a smartphone, providers can no longer do without such a mobile offering. As for the download app, not all bookmakers have it. Mostly they are offered by large providers such as Tipico, Bet365 or 1XBet.

Many bookmakers now simply do without a native app and make their offer available only as a mobile web app. This way, tipsters can easily bet on the go, and they don’t have to first download and install a sports betting app.

And the betting provider itself also doesn’t have to worry about an independent app. The original platform only needs to be adapted to a smaller image format so that there are no display and performance issues.

betting app total midfield

Betting odds: Total midfield, with throws up and down

The higher the odds, the greater the profit – especially in the long run, it becomes clear that it makes sense to look at the odds level anyway before deciding whether or not to sign up with a betting company.

In terms of the sports betting industry, odds of 95% and above are considered good, while anything below 91% is considered below average. In our Betonic test we managed to exceed the “95 limit” a few times, especially in soccer (e.g. Premier League) or tennis.

Unfortunately, however, the level of odds in the 1st Bundesliga – for many German customers is the absolute top league for betting – is much lower, while in the 2nd league the average odds of around 93% is absolutely competitive. Overall, we see Betonic in this category relative to numerous competitors, but only in the middle.

Best Cricket betting apps

Here are the best app for cricket betting.


  • Bet365: Winners in betting selection

If current cricket betting is available, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at Bet365. And we’re not just talking about pre-match tips here, but also live betting. On the one hand, the bookmaker’s office is well positioned in almost all sports. Again, compared to other cricket betting providers, we also noticed an above-average selection .

Finally, it should be noted that it is not only the number of betting options that is remarkable. Separately, we should mention the volume of quotas. If we throw the bookmaker’s bonus promotions and betting configurator into the ring now, it is definitely worth mentioning our Bet365 experience with cricket sports betting.


  • Bwin: Increase your betting variety

Want to bet on cricket at Bwin ? No problem! The first thing to note is that the average bet here isn’t as high as at Bet365. Nevertheless, we want you to know our impressions of Bwin. But if anyone can beat the Brits in terms of choice, it’s Bwin. You can find cricket betting around the world here. And if there’s no game in Europe and no game in India, the sportsmen can be active in Sri Lanka or South Africa.

We’ve already seen relevant options there. Or do you want to bet on Bwin results in women’s cricket? Yes, it’s even possible here. With wild betting and a flawless iOS and Android app, Bwin has managed to win our hearts.


  • Betway: Learn the rules and get your bonus

Cricket in German means cricket. But bookmakers always write it in international spelling. However, that’s how we quickly tracked it down at Betway. We like the review here. Because we can sort not only by country, but also directly by competition. Not only the winner, but also the coin flip winner, 1st ball in the game, maximum points after 15 overs, type of first removal, as well as many other bets more / less and other tips. available as individual bets. There is no shortage of variety. Still, we would like to share our experience with Betway in a different way. Because it has one of the highest bonuses in the industry. You can also take with you up to 150 euros and thus secure your first cricket betting tips a bit.

System requirements and compatible devices – iOS app and Android app

As mentioned, best cricket betting apps can be available as a native app or a web app. If you choose the downloadable version, you can usually download it for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as your Windows phone. For iOS, the download is easy through the App Store.

If you want to use the Android app, you must use the specified link or QR code, as Google does not offer such an app for download on its Play Store. Thus, in the iOS operating system, the native app can be used on iPhone or iPad devices. The Android operating system is known to be used on Samsung devices, as well as on Huawei smartphones, for example.

For all other devices with a different operating system, the web app can also be used without problems, unless there is a separate app to download. Because the web app can be used independently of all smartphones. So the web app is of course also available for Android and iOS operating systems.

To call cricket a minor sport is simply not fair in relation to what is a fairly common sport around the world. However, with regard to Germany, this may be true. Because if you want to place betting tips in that country, you may have to learn the rules of cricket first. We’ve put together some tips for you in our guide.

However, a great deal of attention has been given to cricket betting apps in India. The best way to learn how to proceed is to watch the games live or streamed somewhere.


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