Sports A Day Keeps Depression Away


    A Sports A Day Keeps Depression Away:

    Playing sports is the most enjoyable and favorite activity for many people around the world..Indulging in sports helps our body to function smoothly and more efficiently. This strengths the body and also the state of mind and which ultimately helps reduce depression.

    The ( United Nations Sports for Development and Peace) can be regarded as one of the main lead in sports all over the world.The main Moto of organizing sports by these organizations is to promote peace and brotherhood among nations.According to the United Nations,the mass appeal of the players is particularly helpful in bringing attention to various issues such as Depression, HIV/AIDS , education, food , agriculture , drugs.Playing sports improves the functional capabilities of body.

    Sports as well as Physical activities plays important role in reducing depression and prevent from various diseases.Sports are not only beneficial to young people but also to the older generations to keep themselves fit.This should be the motivation to the new generations for playing sports and participating in sports activities.This helps in obtaining the maximum amount of positive results of playing sports involving physical activity.

    It should not be limited to school or college it should also be played at home by soaring 30 mins out of the busy schedule and increase your mental and physical state of mind and body.Advantages of playing a sports are :

     1) controls diabetes 

    2) Lower cholesterol levels 

    3) Keeps Depression away

    4)Strong Immunity

    5)Stronger Bones

    So by this we can say playing sports actually helps and individual to grow and build up once mental and physical state of mind and body and remove all types of diseases that he or she faces… Thus we can rightly say ” Sports A Day Keeps Depression Away”

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