Some Users Got Refund After Product Delivery! Paytm Orders CBI Investigation


    Nowadays, the e-commerce industry is gaining a lot of importance as more and more people are turning towards it for their shopping needs. However, along with rising popularity, there comes a certain amount of risk too.


    Numerous a times people are seen requesting things from these locales yet later whine about non-receipt of things or wrongful conveyances. These days these e-trade firms must be extremely cautious in light of the fact that not all dissensions that they get are genuine. Now and then, the workers make keen arrangements of tricking the organisation, without giving the smallest indication. 

    The most recent organisation to tolerate the brunt of this extortion is none other than the well-known e-business monster PayTM. An occurrence of misrepresentation worth Rs 1.62 lakhs was accounted for in the organisation. 

    Be that as it may, rather than keeping very and enduring these cases, the organisation is taking strict activities against these practices. Energetic to know what the organisation has done? It has requested that CBI tests the matter since it trusts that workers are included in this extortion.


    A case of cheating was registered by the CBI on the 30th of July. 26 cases were listed, wherein goods were delivered safely and on time to customers, but still refunds were processed for the same. Obviously, this isn’t possible until and unless an insider is involved.

    What actually happened?

    As soon as complaints were received (Even after proper deliveries) refunds were processed immediately i.e. within 5 to 6 minutes. This goes against the company’s refund policy as it first arranges a reverse pick-up of that order, returns it to the merchant and only after that issues a refund. A FIR has been lodged by the agency against suspected employees under IPC sections alleging breach of trust and falsification of accounts.

    As per the FIR,

    “The refunds happened through the illegal use of the ids of four of its employees. Twenty-six orders were booked by a group of people to the tune of Rs 1.62 lakh. It has named six suspects – Rajesh Kumar, Sumit Gupta, Ashu Singh, Tilu Tilu and Raju Kumar who know each other. All the orders were booked from Mansarover Garden. The customers illegally appropriated the money refunded,”