Why and How Do People Buy TikTok Likes?


The TikTok app was launched on the international market in September 2017. Just in 4 months, that is, January 2018, TikTok ranked as the number one free downloaded app in the Google Play store.

What is TikTok? In simple words, TikTok is yet another social media platform, just like Facebook and Instagram. But, this app is solely dedicated to videos of the short format. The length of such a video is anywhere between 15-60 seconds. These videos are based on entertainment like recipes, music covers, dance videos, monologue sketches, etc. People even create informative videos on topics like finance, healthcare tips, workout tips, lifestyle and others. The main audience of TikTok is the younger generation (Millennials and Gen Z). Unlike Facebook, it has only 6%-7% of audiences above the age of 50.

The short video format of TikTok has contributed to its success. In a survey, it was found that TikTok has approximately 1 billion monthly active users at the beginning of 2021. In another survey, the report stated that individuals spend around 46 minutes each day on the app.

Why and How Do People Buy TikTok Likes

Recently, several marketing agencies have been working on business models or campaigns based on TikTok. Unlike Facebook, it will take quite a while to formulate serious business models. But, quick and fun musical campaigns surely help in the digital marketing of products on TikTok. The short video format of the app helps several product videos go viral. Moreover, the trend culture in this social media platform acts as a magnet for the audience.

Now, that you know that TikTok has the highest number of viral videos, let us try and understand why do videos go viral on TikTok. The basic algorithm of TikTok is based on likes, hearts, comments, downloads, shares, and views. All the viral or trend videos have the highest engagement metrics. Trends and viral videos get noticed easily due to the highest engagement metrics.

If you want to market a product, create your brand, or want to be an influencer, you need to concentrate on the engagement of your videos. Once people start liking, commenting, sharing, or downloading your video, the chances of it going viral increase. One of the important engagement factors is the number of Tiktok likes on a video. This is the reason why tend to famoid . TikTok likes are one of the fundamental engagement tools. The number of likes and hearts will determine how great your video is doing. It also determines whether the video will be featured on the discover page of users.

Several marketing managers tend to buy TikTok likes famoid promote their products. Once the number of likes increases, there is a great chance that the list of loyal followers will increase. The same strategy is applied to brands. Several users buy likes from a dedicated company to give the initial boost to their brand and increase the base of followers. This will ultimately boost the organic growth of the brand or influencer.

In the case of influencers, they even need the initial engagement for the popularity of their videos. When they buy TikTok likes famoid their videos get a gradual engagement which seems quite organic. The popularity of their videos motivates them to launch their personal brand. Influencers who have a base of loyal followers get collaboration offers with different creators. Further, influencers get motivated to try out a different niche of video creations. For instance, several creators make videos grooming videos, lifestyle videos along fitness tips.

The importance of TikTok likes is quite evident to all the video creators. Likes act as a magnet for the overall growth of the brands, creators, influencers and promotions. As mentioned earlier, likes to help the videos to be discovered more prominently. If the algorithm hits right and the video goes viral, it becomes the best opportunity. Viral videos tend to run for several days to a week. Such is the power of likes.

How to Buy TikTok Likes?

Now the questions are where to and how to buy TikTok likes https://famoid.com/buy-tiktok-likes/ Today, there is a number of websites that offer TikTok likes to creators. Users need to thoroughly check the credibility of the site to be on the safe side. One must check if any account got banned due to the unprofessional behaviour of the website.

Once you are sure about the credibility of the website, go through the listing of the packages they provide. For instance, some XYZ company charges $5 for 200 likes or $8 for 400 likes. You can definitely compare the price with another website. After this, you can purchase any package as per your requirements. Several companies offer customization at the request of clients. Moreover, few websites have an option for TikTok Auto likes. This package offers a fixed number of automated likes on every post of the creators.

The payment process of such websites is hassle-free. They accept payment from PayPal and other forms of net banking. Some site even accepts Bitcoins as their remuneration. These websites deliver your target gradually to avoid a ban or restrictions on TikTok accounts. Additionally, when you are a regular customer of a company they offer bonus likes for your account.


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