5 Tips For Getting More Followers and Likes on Instagram.


If you check out the people using Instagram, you will see that it is a diverse platform with people from all walks of life. Most people share the stories of their daily days in the form of photos, videos, and gifs. All in all, Instagram is a place for social gala!

But Instagram cannot be treated as one’s personal diary. I mean, since posts are being made public, one might as well want some form of engagement out of it. Something in the form of likes or even new followers.

But, the important question remains, how do you get likes and increase your follower count on Instagram? There are multiple ways to do it, and you do not have to use bots to see this organic growth.

So here are a few tips which you can try:

Make Your Posts In The Current Time:

Before you make your post on Instagram, you have to consider two things, one the time zone that your audience belongs to and second what are they checking out on Instagram the most.

Generally, most Instagram users login in the morning and then again at night after they return from their respective workplaces. As per analytics received from various sources, the best time to post on Instagram is between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesday.

If you are representing a brand, the least useable time to make your post on Instagram is at night. This is because an Instagram photo typically has a shelf life of 4 hours before it is lost amidst other photos shared on the feed.

You have to adjust your posting time as per your target audience. For instance, if you are posting for high school students, the afternoon can be a perfect time since they have their breaks. So create Instagram stories and post it within the desired time zones.

Make Use Of Trending Hashtags:

One of the ways buy instagram followers and likes on your post is by using popular hashtags. This increases the visibility of the photos and thereby your profile. In that light, make sure you are accompanying your posts with popular trending hashtags from your industry.

But how will you find the popular hashtags related to your industry? Simple, by making a Google search! Some of the popular hashtags which can attract a lot of followers and likes on Instagram are #throwbackthursday, #instadaily, #instagood, and such others.

However, do not go crazy with hashtags just to attract more followers and get more likes. A paragraph of hashtags at the end of the post is anything but savvy. It really looks overzealous and of course, clustered. So stick to a few good ones which are trending. 

Get Your Photo Caption To Pose A Question:

Make sure that the caption you post along with your photo poses a certain question for your followers to answer. Such a setup does not only attract the attention of the followers but can also encourage your followers into answering the question in the comments which will lead to further engagement.

This is also one of the most interesting ways of getting likes on a post. 

Arrange For Instagram Contests:

Hosting contests are often a great way to bring in engagement in the form of likes on Instagram. They are also great for bringing in more followers. Over the years Instagram has become very popular. You will perhaps not find a single individual who does not have an account on Instagram. So why not make use of that to get more people to visit your account and then get them to follow you.

Instagram contests work great for this purpose, and if you are really interested in increasing the follower base, you must give this a try.

Share Teasers On Instagram:

Though this works great for buying followers and likes on Instagram, you can use the same for your personal account as well. Teasers are basically posts that suggest something new is on the way. While these tactics are used for e-commerce business for the launch of their new line of products, you can use the same to tell your followers about the new photo-blog that you are making.

Teaser photos are great to drive the interest of the audience and for getting more likes on a post. However, do not forget to include the popular hashtags to attract more engagement.

Post A Lot Of Candid Shots:

Your followers love candid pictures and behind the scenes pictures. This tactic also works great with brands and if they can post a lot of candid pictures of the product making process, or gives insight about the office life they have, it instantly attracts more followers and brings in a shower of likes.

Your followers do not want to see the polished and edited pictures that you post daily. You have to give them something that they can connect to easily.

So use these tried and tested tips to grow your Instagram follower base today.