META Includes NFTs ON Instagram


The evolution of social networks has been significant; from the moment they were created to date, they have been adapting to the needs of their users, where each update is executed automatically to make digital experiences much faster and more comfortable. To trade more effectively, you must use a reliable Big Money Rush trading app.


Many platforms have been joining the concept offered by decentralized finance and, with their cryptocurrencies; this is because after months of the crisis, either due to a pandemic or due to economic, financial, and geopolitical situations in the world, they have diversified the options to get money.

Today many people have become attached to the option of working from home where, through technological resources, they can obtain income that can even be relatively high from the comfort of home.

NFT + Instagram: An idea that just needed time to process

According to information revealed by the Financial Times where it is disclosed that Meta, the leading company that owns social media under its domain, among which Facebook and Instagram stand out, has shown great interest in creating the ideal spaces so that they can create and offer Digital assets known as NFTs.

Although the IT team and developers of these giant platforms have suggested that they are solving technical problems, Zuckerberg has made public his interest in NFTs and, in turn, offered its users a new network to trade and invest with them, making it more popular in the environment of social networks.

After a somewhat shaky and positive 2021 for digital assets, it was impossible not to attract the attention of many investors and prominent business people worldwide; the increase in the price of Bitcoin and the positive attitude of Internet users towards NFTs activated the alarm investment.

Executive Adam Mosseri indicated that although they have been exploring the market for digital assets in the hope of reaching new markets that, in a certain way, expand the services and products that Meta offers, they are managing to collaborate and help digital artists in the publication of their works.

Instagram’s commitment is focused on the creators of NFTs to take the next step concerning adapting the IG Platform to non-fungible tokens.


Meta stays on top of social media.

Mark Zuckerberg has started his new project known as the Meta Metaverse, which represents an ambitious proposal to convert a virtual universe that allows everyone to immerse themselves in what the digital age means.

The CEO of Meta highlights that anything in the Metaverse can become a token; therefore, it is in a creation phase, and everything that is projected there represents a digital asset.

The commercialization of digital assets through social networks with the creation of the Metaverse is a fact; it is for this reason that the young billionaire assumes that the commercialization of digital assets that could begin with the purchase and sale of properties within the Metaverse is a point in favor of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

For now, one of its main tasks is creating a clothing line for avatars, which could be transformed into NFT and used not only in social networks but in any other Metaverse in which users are submerged.

That NFTs become functional objects that can be offered through Instagram or Facebook is not a proposal that could please many; just as there are followers of NFTs, there are also people who declare themselves anti-NFTs.

This movement to promote the use of NFTs in social networks has caused other platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, to show great interest in using this digital asset, all based on the digital update of technology and the like internauts.


This 2022 has not been the best year for the owners of large companies in the technology sector after the blows received by the economic and financial turmoil that has arisen worldwide.

The expansion has occurred in around 100 countries, including America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, where the Coinbase and Dapper wallets will guarantee the primary connection with the world of digital assets.

On the other hand, users will be able to use blockchain technology through the Flow platform in alliance with Instagram, which will be the first social network to integrate various blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon.


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