Instagram Bio and Its Impact on Search Engine Optimization for Businesses


Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, and if you are not using it for your business, you will not be able to survive in the online competition for long. It is prudent for you to register on Instagram and improve search engine optimization for your business website. Now, the question that arises in your mind is, how?

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Instagram bio and how to make the best use of it

When it comes to social media, it does not affect the search engine optimization of your business site directly. However, it has an indirect influence on the visibility of your site and the volume of inbound traffic that comes to it. Experts suggest you should optimize the Instagram bio for getting the best results for your business.

Instagram gives you the option of a business bio, and so you should pay attention to this segment to make it rich in keywords that best reflect your business. When you are checking and editing your profile, you should ensure that you optimize your Instagram for SEO purposes. Unfortunately, your Instagram bio does not give you a lot of space, and you only get 150 characters to write something about your business- it is more or less like the meta descriptions that you need to write for Google.

Use as many keywords as you wish to in your Instagram bio

Thanks to Instagram, you can use as many keywords you wish to as there are no penalties for keyword stuffing like on Google. In your Instagram bio, if you resort to hashtags keywords, choose the ones that are appropriate to your business. The hashtags that you use on Instagram can be clicked to take users and your real Instagram followers to posts that have the same hashtag.  This is why they are considered to be beneficial to users.

Extra tips for you to improve search engine optimization with Instagram

Experts suggest that you own other brand Instagram accounts or work with influencers in your business niche, you can also add their usernames there as well. They will become links that can be clicked too. Note that Instagram’s bio is HTML and is located by search engines. In fact, Instagram is the only text on your profile. This is the place where the maximum optimization takes place. When you write your Instagram bio, make sure you do not fill it with hashtags alone. Include some text to appeal to search engines and your users, as well. It is prudent to allow others to understand what your profile is about and how they can relate to your brand. Though space is limited, experts in Instagram marketing suggest you should always make the best use of it.

Last but not least, when you are making changes to your profile, ensure that the website field contains the URL of your site for your business. However, note that this link is a no-follow one; however, it does serve as a primary source for inbound referral traffic and should not be neglected at all.



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