How to Hack Facebook Password Instantly


The cyber-world isn’t a very nice place, especially for kids and teens. You may never get to know what’s going on with your children or who they are talking to online. In such cases, if you were to get your hands on their Facebook password, it would be beneficial.

Hacking a Facebook account instantly is possible, with the help of newly developed monitoring and hacking apps. You can choose to manually hack someone’s Facebook if you wish. However, I’d suggest you opt for these apps as they make the work easier.

So, let’s see how you can hack someone’s Facebook password instantly.

  1. Using Cocospy To Hack a Facebook Password

To perform a Facebook hack online is possible with Cocospy. It is a spying/hacking app which has millions of users spread over 190 countries around the globe. Cocospy is reliable and undetected, so your children or loved one won’t even find out.

The app takes about a few minutes to download due to its small size of 2MB. It is available for both android and iOS. If you’re worried about the attention it will gather, don’t worry. It will cause a negligible battery consumption and its icon won’t be visible after download.

You may be wondering as to how you will access Cocospy if the app is removed after being downloaded. Well, you’ll do that by going to the website of Cocospy. Cocospy doesn’t require you to root the target device, even if you want to view their social media apps.

Cocospy uses cutting edge technology, something not every app possess. Due to which you can access the target device’s call logs, contacts, messages, messages sent over social media apps. You can also access the current location of the device, with the date and time.

Now let me tell you how to hack a Facebook password:

For android platforms, you will just have to manually download Cocospy on the device. Use the download link which you will get after registering at Cocospy. Once you get access to the device’s information use the control panel to explore. There is no need to root the device.

For iOS platforms, you don’t even have to download the app. All you need to do is enter the iCloud credentials of the device on Cocospy. The app will do the rest of the work, you will even get to view what your child is doing on Facebook.

  1. Using Spyic To Hack a Facebook Password

Spyic is a renowned hacking and monitoring app which is used globally. It is similar to Cocospy in terms of the features it provides. The best thing about Spyic is that it is highly undetectable. As soon as you install the app, it deletes the icon from the ‘installed apps’.

Spyic does not require you to root the target device, for it to work or access social media apps. This is because of the unique cutting edge technology which is used by it. Spyic is a 2MB size app which takes about 5 minutes to download.

It allows users to access the social media apps, messages sent through social media and regular messages on the device. This means you can look into your child’s Facebook and find out as to who they are engaging with.

You can even track the target phone’s location with the help of Spyic. It will show the current location and the places the device has been throughout the whole day.

To use Spyic on an android platform there is no need to root the device. You just have to physically install the Spyic app onto the device. After which when you view the Spyic control panel you will be able to access the target device’s Facebook activities.

In the case of iOS, you do not even need to install the app on the device. All you have to do is enter the iCloud credentials of the device on Spyic. There is also no need to ‘Jailbreak’ the iOS device for Spyic to work.

Doing so will give you access to the device’s social media app, wherein you can check your child’s Facebook.

Let’s see the procedure of how to use Spyic:

  • Make an account on Spyic, for that you have to register on their website.
  • Make the payment and confirm the confirmation email.
  • Manually install Spyic app onto the target phone or input iCloud credentials.
  • Wait for the phone to sync with the Spyic control panel, once synced you can access all information.

Both these apps are at their prime and renowned when it comes to hacking, spying or monitoring a device. Now hacking a Facebook password to take care of your child or loved one isn’t a bad thing. These hacking apps will make sure they don’t find out.

Both Cocospy and Spyic have got their fair share of praises from reputed critics. PC World, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, and Top 10 Reviews have all complimented these apps. As they are advanced, fast and reliable.