Showers of Respite!


    How many of us look forward for a rainy day? The answer is almost all of us. The fresh smell of mud, the tiny droplets of water dripping from the leaves  and the cool breeze blowing across ;can anybody resist that? I guess even today these thundershowers incite the child within every one of us.

    Going down the memory lane, as a kid I used to stay  in the second floor of the  apartments .It was located along a small pond. I remember the water being green ,with dried up plants and lots of figs around. Everyday after I came back from school I used to run up to my balcony that faced the canal and used to stand there for 10 minutes just gazing  at the water. One evening it started pouring heavily .I ran to get a glimpse of the heavy rain drops slashing across our window panes into the pond. As it rained hard, I could see all the green colour wash away. It was all slushy around yet for the first time the pond looked neat and glazy under the moonlight.

    It was vacation time! I had totally forgotten about the pond, water and rains. After a few days just as I crossed my balcony, something beautiful caught my eye. This pond was covered with beautifully bloomed lotus and lilies ,the water was sparkling clear and wow what a sight it was! It was just as though a magic spell had been cast. This fascinated me as a kid and it continues to even today.

    As I write this, pitter patter goes the rain!!!Worth relishing and rejoicing these magical showers.