Reliance announces new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, all details here !


    The recent spur of innovative ideas by Reliance in collaboration with their JIO sim continues with Reliance announcing the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer where customers can avail the facilities offered by JIO for three months by paying Rs 309. According to Reliance, the customers who pay Rs 309 will get 84 GB worth internet for the first 84 days while those who pay Rs 569 will be able to use 168 GB of internet for the same duration. This effectively ammounts to a very tempting offer of 1GB a day and 2GB a day respectively apart from other services such as free calls and free SMS’. 

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    This new recharge policy is independent of the JIO summer surprise offer package  i.e even the non JIO prime members can make use of these services albeit at a higher cost of Rs 408 and Rs 608 respectively. This recharge can be done immediately and will come to an end on April 15th, the deadline for availing the JIO prime membership. This new plan comes at the back of the removal of the JIO summer surprise offer, which was removed at the behest of the country’s telecom regulator. 

    JIO had earlier announced March 31st as the deadline for making use of the Summer Surprise offer pack before it had to make an unceremonious exit from the Reliance scheme of things. However they said that all the customers who had applied for that package will still be eligible to avail those services but no new customers can make use of the same. 


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