Poonam Pandey is back in her new Hot Avatar


Social media is an open portal for those who want to show things off. Poonam Pandey knows exactly what trends on the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Poonam has released few of her new pictures on Social Media, asking the fans for opinions and suggestion for her new look.

She has set fire on the Social Media for years, and she has finally released her new looks with hot pictures on all of her social media accounts seeking for opinions.

There are several misconceptions are coming forward regarding her style and new photos. She is posting a photo of her with captions like “How’s the cap?” asking for invaluable opinions from the fans.

On the films front, the audience is waiting for Poonam Pandey’s official announcement.

Poonam Pandey in bra

Controversial hot star, Poonam has elated that she is the neighbor of the popular cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.

Poonam Pandey nude

The Actresses and Model, who always promotes health and fitness is having her healthy meal.

Poonam Pandey hot

Poonam Pandey Movies

She has acted in several movies, and only a few were able to make it to the Box Office Collections, which is a big thing for someone who has no godfather in the industry.

Poonam notable work is in NASHA (2013), where she has played a role of a teacher, and she got mixed reactions from the critics and the responses. However, her male following on social media is huge.

She has been involved in several controversies, and one of them was “I will go naked if India wins the 2011 Worldcup”, the Indian team won the world cup, but she did go back on her words because of the Public disapproval.

She rose to the top after she started to post her photos on social media to this day.


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