Pongal (Sankranti ) : The festive season and nature !


    Southern states of India remained abide to their culture and values. Celebration of festivals is truly a phenomenal part of their ethics. Pongal is one of the festivals that are celebrated with enormous enthusiasm. These four-days of festival bring true moments of elation to the families and residences. People migrate from all over the world and come to their home towns, join back their families just for this.

    As long as people are harvesting, the true joy will be only celebrated in the form of festivals. South Indian festivals like Pongal and Onam made a remarkable contribution to that celebratory culture of our nation. People majorly show their gratitude to the God Nature for helping them at every stage possible.

    This is the chief period of a Tamil Calender. Tamilians usually use the line ‘Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum’ and their simple minds think that the upcoming Thai month will erase all the past haunting and help them to begin a new chapter of life. These four days are scheduled in a very straightforward manner. The first day is called ‘Bhogi’ which is meant for the admiration of the ultimate ruler Lord Indra for giving the land opulence and abundance.  All the old things are removed from the farm, house and periphery. Further they are burnt. It destroys the past and gives warmth of the upcoming tomorrow in that cold winter.

    On the second day the Lord Sun is involved in the rituals. Here people cook rice in milk and beautiful aroma of the same captures the atmosphere. Several nice rituals revolving around husband and wife, their families fill up bliss in the environment. The whole puja ceremony involves various house grown components like turmeric, sugarcane and banana.

    The third day is Mattu Pongal, the day of celebration for cattle. Colourful bead and clothing is specially made for them. Further they are taken to the village-centres and people race them till that point. It fills up the atmosphere with enormous happiness and mood of simple competition.

    The fourth day is Knau or Kannum Pongal. This day is a special day for the entire woman at houses. The turmeric leaf is the queen of the day. All the rituals are performed over and around the same. Pongal, coloured rice and various other side constituents are added to the turmeric leaf. ‘Aarati’ and short ceremony is performed for the brothers at house by all the females with turmeric water and that is accompanied with limestone, rice. That is further spread in the kolam of the house.

    All these days bring people and prosperity together. When all relatives leave the place, move back to their abodes and mundane lives such memories bolster individual lives and give them positive back-up. Tears roll down and shout come out loud for the beloved ones when they leave and that what a festive season is all about in India……