No Confidence Motion in the Parliament : Live Update


MP Gogoi is sayng that the Opposition is passing no confidence motion to check who is with them and who is not and it is just to break the silence of the PM.

No Confidence Motion on 8th August 2023 :

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said during the debate of the no confidence motion that it is not a no-trust vote but rather it is ” Trust in Opposition Vote”, they want to see, who is actually with them. He also added that Sonia Gandhi, being the obvious mother wants to settle her son and take care of his son-in-law.

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi stated that the opposition has bought in a no confidence motion on the Manipur topic that it is burning but no action has been taken by the prime minister and also why is the CM of Manipur not fired till now even after so much of violence in the city.

This no trust debate is expected to continue till 10th August in the parliament till Prime Minister Modi will give his reply. This debate will last for 16 hours and is expected to have 15 speakers.

In the BJP Parliamentary meeting after the “No Confidence Motion in Parliament”, PM Modi said that it could be only a programme for them but for us it is an opportunity.


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