Benefits of PM Modi’s Visit to United States: Latest Update


Many have come and many have gone but it is always said, very few stay and of course very few slay. Prime Minister Modi is one of a kind who is known to build strong connections. His recent visit to United States of America was one such example of building connections and getting business to India.

PM Modi’s State Visit got both the countries closer

The bond or the connection between United States of America and India is expected to boast corporation in many exclusive areas like Defence, Trade and Space.

It has opened a new chapter for both the countries, This trip saw multiple slew of technology and defence deals and we saw our Prime Minister addressing the US Congress twice.

New Chapter for US -India

The transformative decisions taken have shown everyone the deep trust between both the countries and the fact that both the countries will be benefited in the long run by each other by the decisions taken today. Foreign Sectary Vinay Mohan Kwatra also said in a press briefing that this is indeed a step taken for the transition for Indian Economy.

Bilateral Relations Build after Modi’s Visit to US

One of the professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University Mr. Amitabh Mattoo said, Modi’s visit was unparalleled as India moves to secure what it sees as its rightful place on the world stage at a moment of geopolitical turmoil.

C. Raja Mohan, senior fellow of the Asia Society Policy Institute charactered the visit of our Prime Minister  as an Inflection Point in Evolution of India-US Relationship.


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