Plan a guide to a fruitful week !


    It is the first working day of the week and most us have already hit the reset button to start at the workplace with enthusiasm. In case you haven’t and are sitting at your work place browsing through the net, finding ways to stop procrastinating, you need a major boost and probably even a sudden jerk out of the festive mood.

    Since it is already Monday, you will have to start right now in order to have a fruitful week ahead. There are a few things that will yield results immediately and a few which will get you in the right mood from tomorrow.

    Let us tackle things from the very beginning,

    • EARLY MORNING STRUGGLE: Set your alarm and make sure you keep it outside your room because that way falling asleep again becomes really difficult after getting up to switch off the alarm (we all press the snooze button if the alarm is next to us and you are a saint if you deny it!). Drink something warm (your cup of green tea, coffee or lemonade all are fine as long as it is warm). Either workout for 5 minutes at home or hit the gym if you are a fitness enthusiast. Do not skip your breakfast, whatever be the thing. It keeps you full for the day and stops you from feeling grumpy.

    •  CLEAN UP YOUR WORKPLACE: Yes, this is something that you have been keeping aside for ages, do not do that anymore. Sort out your files in order of priority, set your pen-stand upright and collect all your papers under the paper weight. Do not miss your drawer, throw what is not needed and keep only what you need. Also do yourself a favor, invest either in flowers or a good air freshener to lift your mood.

    • LIST YOUR WORK: This may sound annoying but trust me it will encourage you to finish your work before you lay down on your bed. Make a list of things you need to do, tabulate them under headings like; Personal, Bills, Work, Meetings etc and cross them out as you do them. It will motivate you to meet your deadlines.
    •  LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOUR FAMILY: After a busy day at work all you need to liven you up is a smiling face greeting you back at home. Make sure you have something to give back to your family as well, be it quality time, grocery shopping with your wife or a cycle trip with your kids in the near by park.
    •  PREP FOR TOMORROW: Make sure you grab a pen and paper and write down your goals for tomorrow and add to the same list when at workplace the next day.Prep your breakfast as well because that takes time in the morning and might demotivate you from investing your time in the same. You can freeze your fruits for smoothie, bake granola, muffins or energy bars in advance, prepare filling for paranthas and sandwiches. If you are sorted for the most important meal of the day you will more likely enjoy it the next morning rather than skipping it.

    •  CALM AND REST: Ditch any technology at least 30 minutes before bed. Switch off your phone notifications and do not visit any social networking site. This just helps you in falling asleep fast and stops you from waking up all grumpy and tired. Make sure you listen to some good music and take a comforting bath before going to bed.

    These are small tips that can set you up for your busy life and help in striking a balance in your personal and professional life. Living your life with a smile on your face each day is what matters, make the most of it now.

    Have a Wonderful Week Ahead!