Watch the horrific accident involving three people being washed way in Floods in Bihar


With heavy rain falls pouring across the country, a horrific incident has occurred in Bihar, where floods took the lives of approximately 153 people on Saturday. A horrific video with the flood in action has been found on the internet, which has been scaring people across the country.

The horrific video where a family of three, including a man, a woman a girl can be seen trying to cross in what looks like a damaged bridge due to the floods. In the video, upon almost reaching the end of the bridge, it collapses and sweeps away the family along with the debris caused by the floods. The video shows helpless onlookers witnessing the horrific accident with shock. The incident reportedly took place in Araria district in Bihar, which is a five-hour drive from Patna.

Watch the video below. (Not for the faint-hearted)

Araria district, where the heavy rains have caused an outrageous flood has till date killed over 30 people, which makes it the highest in the state. West Champaran recorded 23 deaths, 13 in Sitamarhi, 8 in Madhubani, and 7 in Katihar. Districts like Kisanganj, Supual, East Champaran have recorded 11 deaths and Purnea and Madhepura have recorded 9 each.

In order to help the people in distress due to the floods, The Disaster Management Department has in a statement said that 28 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been sent for rescue operations in the flood-hit areas. Also, seven Army teams are also carrying out rescue operations in these areas.

The flood has caused a massive rescue operation in the state, where 1.08 crore people have been affected, spread across 17 districts and countless panchayats. And a disappointing news from the weather office states that heavy thundershowers will continue today in parts of Purnea, Gaya, Bhagalpur, and Patna.

The thundershowers that poured in the last few days has worsened the floods in Bihar, and with the continuing rain, the rivers have started to overflow, thus resulting in an increase the flood levels in UP. Rescue operations are in full swing in the flood-affected areas.


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