Watch: Crane Carrying Defunct Air India Aircraft Crashes, no casualties


rane carrying Air India aircraft crashes near Begumpet airport in Telangana on Sunday morning. No casualties have been reported to far.

“An old hull stationed at Old Begumpet airport in Hyderabad was being moved from Air India hanger for training purpose,” said a statement from Air India.

“Hull was successfully taken out of the airport but at 1 particular moment crane gave away and hull became unstable landing on the ground. Though the hull landed on the ground it can be used for training purpose as planned initially,” said the statement.

“There is two to three-kilometre distance from the airport hangar to the training academy. The aircraft has to be lifted to a certain height and carried in the air to avoid trees and electric poles on the road,” North Zone DCP N Prakash Reddy told TOI.

 Air India said that though the hull was successfully taken out of the airport the crane later gave away making the aircraft weak.


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