Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Wedding Details Ceremony


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Anushka Sharma married her lover Virat Kohli in Italy on Monday and the Internet has raised excitement. Twitter is flooded with wishes for newlyweds, many messages are being posted by Bollywood’s 29-year-old actress’s friends and colleagues. Two receptions have been planned- one for the breaks of December 21 in New Delhi, the second and 26th for the friends and colleagues in Mumbai. The guest list will include Anushka’s co-stars Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif, and friends of Virat’s cricket.

An insider told that Virat and Anushka got married this morning. Astrologers are already out of their predictions for Veershika as married couple.The marriage of the controversy and Anushka started on December 12. Sources told that Virat and Anushka’s family had made space in Italy from December 9 to December 12.

However, we later came to know that Virushka was taking a four-hour drive from Milan in South Italy. The world’s second most expensive holiday destination is host to Virat and Anushka’s Tuscan marriages. This is a resort called Bona Fenochucho, just 34 kilometers from Siena Station and an hour’s drive from Tuscany.

When Anushka and Virat left for Europe with their families, Netizon was trying to agree to the fact that both can actually build knot.


  • In the heroic hours of December 8, along with his family, Virat and Anushka took flight to Italy while Anushka flew from Mumbai, along with his parents, brother Karesh on the Swiss Air Flight, Virat from Delhi Airport Hired out in haste.
  • Anushka’s family priest, Anand Bhamba, Anant Baba of Anant DhammaAshbod Ashram at Haridwar also went with him to Europe.
  • Initial reports said that the wedding took place in Milan, but it looks like the BorgoFinncotto resort near Tuscany, where the wedding ceremonies of Vihar and Anushka are underway.
  • BorgoFinocchieto is where Obama was also for this year’s holiday. This is a place which is quite popular with celebrities.
  • The luxury resort where Vihar and Anushka knot are to be built, it is 800 years old restoration village. This place also has a tremendous historical significance. The village was restored and it is now called BoroFinncocheto, the route whose medieval pilgrims traveled from Canterbury to Rome.
  • Sources told that ‘Veershika’ is said to be a pair, registering a marriage in the Bandra Parivar court on January 4. Anushka has already picked up the registration form for that date.
  • This registration is likely to happen sometime before December 27, because Virat is expected to fly from South Africa with the Indian cricket team on that date.
  • When reportedly, when it was added to Sri Lanka in August this year, the last date was fixed. As soon as Netzance was going to Ganga on pictures of her gardening date, her family met and discussed the dates of her marriage. The priest of Anushka’s family had fixed the wedding date of marriage in December. However, Virat and Anushka decided to keep the news wrapped.
  • The rumors of December marriage for the break and Anushka began for the first time when the cricketer cited ‘personal reasons’ and selected a series of limited-overs matches and a limited-overs series against Sri Lanka in December. Virat also said that he was eager to break.
  • Incidentally, Anushka Sharma last year admitted to INDIA TODAY that marriage is on her agenda, “Obviously, marriage is on the card, but when, I am not sure.”
  • In 2013, during the shooting of a shampoo business, the flights were taken between Sparta Viraat and Anushka. Since then, these couples have fallen in love with their oh-minded performances.
  • In 2014, in an interview for Harper’s market woman, Anushka said that if she wants to be a destination marriage, she wants it somewhere close to traditional and nature: “In a vineyard, probably,” Sharma Was quoted saying. Her wedding now, she wanted to feel like a ceremony in tandem
  • Bhangra dancers entered Borgo Finochchyo on Saturdays, as the sound of drum beats in property increases. Borgo Finkochio is just one hour from Italy’s capital city of Montalcino. The resort is surrounded by rolling lawns and vineyards.