Virat and Alia Fired On Media


We all know that Virat Kohli looses his calm  with a journalist a few days back. He thought  that he (the journalist) had published a story about his personal life. Although he apologized to the journalist as soon as he came to know about the misunderstanding, the incident went viral and he got flaks from his teammates and seniors.
The next celebrity to have lost her cool with media is the cute actress Alia Bhatt, who is known to participated in chat show whenever her IQ and General Knowledge have been questioned. The one time mistake she committed by stating Prithviraj Chauhan as the President of India in a chat show.

Ever since then, jokes and  meme’s on alia became common , and people from media and the film industry keep taking and poke at her for this.

Videos also  made on this issue by YouTube channel All India Bakchod (AIB).In recently held AIB event , Alia’s IQ was question mocked by ABI team and she was seen laughing and enjoying while sitting in the audience.

At a recent award show, when a journalist asked why people celebrate Holi, obviously with the motive of another scoop.The actress got annoyed and  shoot back the journalist by asking if he knew who the President of South Africa or China was?

And alia stay back calm for some time now, and it’s high time that people stop asking her stupid questions.


In which show Alia said Prudhvi raj as Indian prime minister

Koffee with karan show session 4 where siddardh malhotra ,alia and varun dhavan participated