UP State Government following the steps of Madhaya Pradesh Government to make the Movie “The Kerala Story” Tax Free


On 9th May 2023 , UP’s Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath Announced that they will be making the recently released movie “The Kerala Story” Tax Free.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Government on 6th May 2023 announced that they made the movie tax free and today the UP Government, soon there are  chances of other states as well to follow the footsteps.

This Movie “The Kerala Story” has been made to create awareness among people for what is exactly happening in the Kerala state. even though we have a law against forced conversions to any religion, there are people influencing to take such steps.

The Chief Minister’s Secretariat said that there was a special screening organised at Lok Sabha for the movie “The Kerala Story”.

Yogi Adityanath also posted that the movie is being done tax free on his twitter handle. UP BJP Secretary Raghuvendra Mishra shared hat after making the movvie tax free, it has been shown to 100 girl students in the Lucknow City.

West Bengal has banned the movie to avoid any controversy or incident of hatred and violence and to maintain peace in their state.


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