Tunisha Sharma Died at the Age of 20 by Committing Suicide on 24 December 2022


Tunisha Sharma Died at the Age of 20 by Committing Suicide

The young actress was found hanging on her sets of serial Ali Baba-Dastaan –E-Kabul on 24th December 2022. Her Co-star was seen rushing her to the hospital but it was too late and she was declared dead on arrival in Mumbai.

As per the postmortem report, there is no other mark or reason found than hanging to death. There is only one strangling mark found on actress’s neck which is the cause of her death.

Tunishka Sharma was known to be in a relationship with her co-actor Sheezan Khan which recently ended as the actor cheated with another women as shared by the deceased’s mother Vanita Sharma. Her Co-worker and former boyfriend Sheezan Khan has been arrested after the actress’s mother logged a complaint against him.

Sheezan Khan’s family is also questioned by the media on this account to which they replied to not to bother them every now and then for evidence, pictures and stories, they have full faith in the Indian Judiciary to have the justice for Tunisha Sharma. Sheezan Khan is in police custody and is co-operating with them.

Sheezan Khan’s Statement to the police

Sheezan Khan’s Statement to the police

Recently Sheezan Khan in his interrogation revealed that the actress Tunisha Sharma was dignosed with depression and anxiety during her initial years of career in the film industry and she had also tried to commit suicide a few days back too after their break up when he was the one to save her. He also shared to the police that he was very shaken by the news of Sharadha walker’s case that he decided to end things with her girlfriend Tunisha Sharma. He also shared pictures of Tunisha and him being happy together.

Tunisha Sharma’s last rites performed on 27th December 2022

Tunisha’s body was taken from JJ Hospital in Mumbai by her uncle and her last rites were performed at Mira Road on 27th December 2022 after her aunt arrived from Englamd. The whole family of Tunisha Sharma is in shock and I is very hard for all of them to cope with this irreparable loss as it is very shocking that they have lost their 20 year young daughter.

We wish her soul Rest in peace. God Bless her family & gives strength to move on with their life.


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