Tears of Kelly marietran over Star Wars the last jedi gives us hope


Tears of Kelly marietran over Star Wars the last jedi: 

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Before joining the “Star Wars” universe, Kelly Mary Tran almost lost all hopes, she never made it as an actress. Kelly Mary Tran – who plays the newcomer Gulab Tico in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – was stuck in a full-time office job some years back and was regularly participating in organizing the audition, Never led. But at any time he thought about leaving, he used to inspire his parents as an inspiration.

The 28-year-old Kelly Mary Tran told the Daily News, “My parents are both refugees from Vietnam, and they kept their entire life working towards a reality, where my sisters and I have the election.” “It was purely. My parents never had a dream.

“I remember that I was living for many generations, and if I was not doing anything that made me happy, if I did not really win in my perfection, then I was not really doing justice.”

His stubbornness was paid in 2015 in a celestial way, when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Ryan Johnson gave it as a rose after the five-month audition process. The journey of the acting class of Kelly Mary Tran reflects his character to some extent, because Rose works a non-glorious day as a resistant worker before starting an adventure with John Boygeff Finn.

“It is someone who is used in the background of resistance, and in this movie … he pulls it in the lead,” said kelly Mary Tran. Gulab is the first female Asian character in the movie “Star Wars” – the views of a reality Kelly Mary tran are considered as a respect and a responsibility because the character provides representation for a new demographic of fans. A dream full of experience has proved to be true for Tran, even if he never completed the shooting of “Star Wars” movie, when he auditioned.

“I think from under my heart that this is the best thing for me, which has ever happened to me,” said Kelly Mary Tran, who has not seen films beforehand.

“Because I did not see these films, I was able to make an honest character and anyone I do not feel was influenced by how big it was before this franchise.”


Kelly Marry Tran is getting her first major break as an actor with a role in Star Wars. The Last Jedi and World’s Premiere in the Red Carpet event, she was emotionally inclined.

Fortunately, there was some support from the franchise star Daisy Ridley, who was in the hands to embrace this occasion, which was definitely the heart’s heart at this event. See video posted by GeninaGavankar of Star Wars Battlefront II, see the above version

This is not Ridley’s first rodeo, but he is in the first trance shoes. Only two years ago, when he first appeared in Star Wars as Rei, then his life changed: The Force Avakens, and the role captivated him in superstardom.

Tran took a moment during the live feed of the red revolution when he started crying in the interview by Andy Gutiérrez of The Star Wars Show. That Ridley was mixed up to give comfort to his co-artist, and it’s amazing to capture the camera.

Before being cast, there was never seen a Star Wars movie, Tran is taking a very chaotic frenzy around the franchisee.

We had previously told the actor about his experiences in the prophecy, and he praised those who made Star Wars an event which he is helpful.

Tran said, “The people who are getting support to me, though they have not seen me, it means a lot and it makes me feel emotionally,” said Tran. “I do not know that I am entitled to such support. And Mark Hamill and I am talking about that and how unbelievably it is that people like so much and then to be their share, I do not even Could tell. ”

It will be fun to see Tran’s career after appearing in this movie.

Fans will be able to watch their debut as a rose, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi will premiere in theaters on December 15.