Ted talks India: nayisoch hosted by Shahrukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan hosted Ted talks India: nayisoch:

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If Ted (technology, entertainment, design) is about “pricing values”, their Indian support with the Star Network, TED Talks Bharat Nai may have probably been the best performer for premiere on Indian television in recent times.

Satyamev Jayate was hosted by Aamir Khan for the last TV show for meaning and relevance in his effort to reflect social evils. We now have an equally important show, which is far from reality TV and entertainment fare, and hosted by Shahrukh Khan.

Aamir cried and stopped the nation in Satyamev Jayate. The heroic thinking in the TED talks, Shah Rukh runs one step ahead and just listens to other speakers and feels like we are inspired by the rest.

But before going to the details of the show, there is a big thumb for the first option of the host. Shahrukh has been a speaker on International TED talk, and continues to be a source of inspiration. Regardless of their attitude and appearance; Fast, humorous and progressive in your thoughts and words; An Honorary Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh for his outstanding contributions to philanthropy, altruism and global reach as an economics graduate and an actor from Delhi University – Shahrukh is the ideal person to organize a show which is inspiring, About innovation and ideas. Of course, in their small exchanges with each speaker, their standard light’s quick to bring laughing or two.

Talking about the speakers, this is an interesting change from the international show, so that everyone can talk in Hindi on different subjects. It instantly makes them accessible to people who can understand and connect. The first episode started with a very brief introduction by Shahrukh, thankfully that normal Bollywood without pomp or silly jokes. It is time that TV channels believe that Bollywood Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty have become seriously bored with the small screen dominance; let’s not forget every other news channel to come along with an inn celebrity interview

Therefore, it is the most refreshing to see a show that reduces the presence of Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan and focuses on limiting the speakers completely for 3-5 minutes. The first episode brings us the best choice of people we have not heard before.

The first speaker was Dr. Gautam Bhan, who talked about lack of housing for a large population like ours. In their perspective, we ask for change of our attitude towards slum dwellers and their rights regarding their rights – “settlement”. According to him, to solve the slums, not to solve the situation, but to provide better status. “The house is haunting but not distant,” he tells right.

The next speaker, Shubhendu Sharma, is an industrial engineer who prevents automobile manufacture and instead creates small forests in the cities. He has already built one hundred forests in 35 cities. According to him, it is possible to make a forest in a 6-car park area at the cost of the iPhone. Surely, today’s global warming is killing the stormy sky, the need to spread the idea of ​​this environment to create “earth and life” needs to spread like wildfire.

After this, music composer SnehaKhanwalkar (Gangs of Wasseypur, Oye Lucky LuckyOye) gave a fictitious presentation to make his own “zone”, just as he did on stage with his song ‘Maine Hun My Zone’.

The fourth speaker is human physicist Manu Prakash who tells us how hundreds of millions of people are living without power and how the use of science can help bring positive change. He showed the foldscope to the audience – a paper microscope can be used for a simple blood test machine in remote villages without the infrastructure built by him. He urges everyone that it is a fun thing to learn and use properly in our homes and kitchen, not as a difficult subject to start the examination of science.

Novelist Manju Kapoor brought the basic idea of ​​changing our attitude and dealing with men and women equally, so that gender equality is prevalent in relations between couples. The idea of ​​providing “emotional education” for Indian men can make healthy changes in families, to make them aware of their conditioned behavior. This section could be completely avoided because the Stap Star Plus show based on Kapoor’s novel was a plug for Mohabbatten.

Finally, a young scientist Aniruddha Sharma showed us how to actually use pollution to make some producers. As he cited, “Pollution is nothing but resources are not produced”. He has put this faith into the ink by making the ink in the form of blacksmith.