Sonu Sood to open up a School for Underprivileged in Bihar


Birendra Kumar Mahato , a 27 years old engineer from Bihar had quit his job in February 2023 to open up a school in Bihar for the underprivileged under Sonu Sood’s name. The Actor was shocked to hear the news and decided to meet Birendra and understand the need for the school.

Birendra opened up a school as well as a shelter home for 110 kids and was trying to finance education and meals for the kids. Sonu Sood met Birendra and stayed in Bihar for a while to understand the requirement and importance of these shelter schools for underprivileged kids and the only way to eradicate poverty is education.

Sonu Sood had now taken a decision of opening up a new school and the work for the new school building has started so that more students can get the required nutritious meals and the education which they deserve to have a better future. They aim to educate children of the marginalized section of the society.

Currently he Actor Sonu Sood has been providing education to over 10,000 students across the country.


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