Now Google Is Not Only A Search Engine But Also A Self Car Driver


US vehicle safety regulators On tuesday have raised there opinion on  the artificial intelligence system piloting a self-driving Google car has now got its chances to be considered as the driver under federal law,

Now this marks the beginning toward getting approval for the release of the autonomous vehicles to the automobile market for the common people to get access.

the letter to Google from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh said “Google’s self-driving car unit on November 12 submitted a proposed design for a self-driving car that has “no need for a human driver,”

so wondering what these Google self drive cars are ?

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Google self-driving car is considered to be one of its kind and the ace feather in the autonomous cars range , developed by Google X as part of its project to develop technology for electric cars.

The software installed in these cars is called Google Chauffeur

the cars are specifically marked on the sides as “self driven” so that it can be identified easily on the roads .

The project was first initiated by Sebastian Thrun, former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View.

The team developing the system consisted of 15 best engineers working for Google.


Google’s robotic cars have about $150,000 in equipment fitted in them.

And consists of a $70,000 worth  LIDAR system.

The car comes with a range finder mounted on the top called as the  Velodyne 64-beam laser. This laser allows the vehicle to generate a detailed 3D map of its surroundings

The car then takes the maps generated by the laser and combines them with world maps of  high-resolution, producing different types of data models that allow it to drive on itself.

The system works with a very high definition inch-precision map of the area the vehicle is expected to use, including analyzing the heights of the traffic lights along  with its  on-board systems.

NHTSA said “it may waive some vehicle safety rules to allow more driverless cars to operate on US roads as part of a broader effort to speed up development of self-driving vehicles.then it would write guidelines for self-driving cars within six months”

The process of rewriting federal regulations governing the design, placement and operation of vehicle controls could take months or years, but hope is on that some day we would see a whole lot many cars with no drivers .


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