No more Free Basics for India, Facebook Shut Downs ( Freebasics )


No More Free basics for India : Finally Facebook has closed Free Basics services in India from today.  As we know 2 days back TRAI has released a letter telling operators that, their should not be any paid service of providing the certain package of websites with the advance speed or for costfree services. By this is has also banned the freebasics  in India. After this response by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, there are multiple reactions all over the internet including the response from Mark Zuckerberg.


As we know in the year 2015, the most popular topics in the netigens is Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is where every person who is using internet should be able to access every website in same manner, without any discrimination or in-discrimination of the websites. As the India is a Startup country with lot of new startup’s coming every month and every year. Even the startup giants like Paytm and Flipkart has also supported Net Neutrality in there way.  By all these reactions Facebook has renamed its project with and started a campaign of Support Freebasics in India
The Net Neutrality supporters came up with a campaign which opposes freebasics – which has made the task of replying the questions of TRAI in a easy way and it is widely successful. At the end the responses which got from Facebook was not accepted by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Then they have prolonged the acceptances of responses till  January 7th. By the decision of the TRAI finally people of India are happy with its decision of banning FreeBasics in India. Finally Spokes person of Facebook has told that there will be no service of Freebasics in India From today. As by this change, when we try to open it is getting redirected to with its Mission, Approach and Impact.



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