Muslims should also get reservation along with Kapus


Hyderabad: After the brutal disturbance of Kapu Community for reservations, the GO Ms.30 issued by the then Congress Govt. driven by Mr. Vijay Bhasker Reddy has turned into the interesting issue of dialogs.

It might be noticed that GO Ms. 30 was issued on 25th August 1994 in which 14 classifications of in reverse classes were given reservations. The Muslims were put on the highest priority on this rundown though the Kapus were set on second. The rundown included Balija, Telaga, Vannadi and Quraish (Muslim Butchers) however after the changeover of the Govt., this GO couldn’t be actualized. Mr. Vijay Bhasker Reddy had issued this GO before confronting General Elections. After this Pattu Swami Commission was constituted to investigate the grievances of BC group. Govt. had issued G.O. number 86 in which the Muslims were additionally given reservations keeping pace with BC groups. After the thrashing of Congress Govt., TDP accepted force which retired both these GOs into frosty stockpiling.

It might be noticed that Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the then Minister for Minorities Welfare assumed an imperative part in getting GOs 30 and 86 issued. By virtue of TDP not taking enthusiasm for giving reservations, expansion was given to Pattu Swamy Commission for six times. The commission proceeded for a long time yet it didn’t present any report to the Govt.

In 2009, when Dr. YSR accepted force as CM, Mr. Shabbir again made an endeavor for giving reservations to Muslims. Govt. issued GO Ms 33 in which 5% reservations was given to the Muslims which the High Court of A.P. put aside. Later Govt. constituted a BCs Commission under the Chairmanship of Justice Subramaniam. On the proposal of this commission, Govt. chosen to give 4% reservations to Muslims which is still in vogue. In spite of the fact that the matter is pending in the Supreme Court, break orders have been given by the court for the continuation of 4% reservations.

Since Kapu Community has begun an escalated crusade for reservation, Muslim pioneers and Muslim associations ought to apply their weight on the Govt. for giving reservations to Muslims. On the off chance that Muslims pioneers and Muslim associations joint the Kapu group in their dissent, it is trusted that the TDP Govt. driven by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu would be constrained to give reservations.

Then again TRS had guaranteed in its race statement to give 12% reservations to Muslims. It constituted Sudheer Commission of Enquiry. The Govt. is anticipating the report of Sudheer Commission. The Govt. is giving a confirmation that it will give 12% reservations to Muslims by passing a determination in the State Assembly however it is impractical without getting a proposal from BCs Commission.

It might be said that the then Advocate General had cleared up in the High Court of A.P. in 1994 that reservations must be given on the proposals of BCs Commission. In 2004 High Court of A.P. had put aside 5% reservations to Muslims on the affection that this choice was taken without acquiring the suggestions of BCs Commission.


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