Man arrested after forcing 4-year-old to drink liquor


A video came viral on social media site Facebook and twitter where a man is trying to force his friend’s son drink liquor. In India liquor is prohibited for every citizen who is under the age of 18 years. In this case, a 4-year-old child has been forced by his uncle to drink liquor which has came a really shocking incidence. Police is now looking for partners in crime who has not stopped the child from drinking the liquor.

While this may also damage the liver of the child and give him serious disease. Stopping the child from consuming the liquor is the duty of every person as per the Indian Constitution (Respecting right of every citizen). They would also get charge in the case for their level of ignorance.

When the video of the incident in Mel Cholan Kuppam village of Tamil Nadu went viral on WhatsApp and social media, it prompted police to take action.

“We are interrogating both of them. We need to interrogate the other four as well. This has happened two weeks ago. We are also speaking to the parents. The boy is fine now,” DSP M Ganesan, said.


Its a serious crime and strict action would be promoted against this. According to the police. Police is now preparing the chart sheet for the criminal cases to be filed against the persons concerned.


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