Live Updates: Cyclone Mocha to hit Andaman, West Bengal , Odisha


The Indian Meteorological department recently shared that there is a cyclone forming over bay of Bengal which is likely to escalate into windy storm over Andaman, West Bengal and Odisha.

It is said that a Low pressure area has already been formed over the Bay Of Bengal so the three states are expected to experience, severe storm and rainfall on Friday, May 12. The Cyclone is named Mocha.

Today it is depressing till the night and is expected to Intensify into a storm of 130 km/h by 10th May 2023. The Cyclone is expected to move forward in the direction of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Weat Bengal Ready to Welcome Cyclone Mocha

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee announced that all the necessary measured are being taken and the rescue teams are also read in case the Cyclone hits the costs of West Bengal.

Red Alert for Multiple Indian States

Andaman, Odisha and West Bengal are the three states which are put on high alert to experience the storms of Cyclone Mocha. All the Fishermens, ships, small boats sailing towards the southeast Bay of Bengal have been warned to not said due to the Cyclone.

Rainfall is also expected to increase in the three states especially Andaman and Nicobar islands.


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